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Wierdest time in my life. Where to go from here?

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Where to start... First off, I'm just out of a screwy relationship and trying to get better about it. My ex and I had lots of problems so I broke up with her. When we got together, I was a virgin and was saving myself for love. I fell in love with her but never crossed that physical plane even though she wanted too. When we broke up, she told me that she was glad we never crossed that line and I agreed but over time, I took her remarks personally as if saying my virginity wasn't good enough. So I wanted to get rid of it and I went out with a group of guy friends and they got me really drunk. I woke up in a hotel room the next morning with one of my friends, 4 women (two of them had to be in their late 40's, one was obscenely fat, and the other was my second cousin on my mom's side) We were all naked and when my cousin saw me in the morning she started crying, left immediately and won't talk to me. My friend won't tell me what happened and just laughs and I have no memory of it, and now my girlfriend wants to get back with me. We've only been broken up for a week and she made ammends for the problems on her end of the relationship, what should I do?

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I agree but she won't talk to me. My mom owns a bakery and she works there but I don't want to go in and create an awkward situation. I live in a small town and I'm just praying that the story doesn't start to circulate. I really hope I didn't lose my virginity to my cousin or any other woman in that room. I really want to take my girlfriend back but we used to eat at my mom's bakery about once a week and I don't know what to do with my cousin. This is such a mess.

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