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  1. I think you should have a long talk with your husband about your expectations of him. Talk to him more about why and how he lost this job as well as his last ones. Maybe it's not him but more his career field of choice. It may not be a bad idea for him to get free training from the department of labor to start a new career with more stability. Is is just the job Jetta? or are there other issues?
  2. My only point is that your husband may take exception to the term "soulmate". If you don't want to be with him then it's not emotional cheating. I misunderstood. Most of the people on this board would use the term soulmate to describe a significant other. I thought your "soulmate" was what you view as "the one that got away" and you're still carrying romantic feelings. I was wrong. If you do carry any romantic feelings I think this is a mistake but it doesn't seem like you view him in a romantic way.
  3. OK, I'll take the job, I just don't see it being short term. There doesn't seem to be much else out there that will pay me 15 an hour. I've had issues with being strong around her before which is why I've been avoiding her. I'm just afraid of opening up a whole new can of worms now that that one had been closed.
  4. I agree but my mom is offering me 15 an hour which is alot more than I've been offered anywhere else. My wife is happy with that money and won't understand if I take a job for less.
  5. I've been looking for a job for a few weeks and have been unable to find one. My mom offered to let me work part time at her bakery while I try to find another job and she told me that I can leave whenever I want for job interviews and such. My wife is all for the idea but the manager of the bakery is my second cousin who I've been trying like hell to avoid because of a sexual past. Whenever I'm alone with her, she tries to get sexual even though I'm her cousin and I'm married. I think working there is a REALLY bad idea but my wife thinks I'm just trying to be lazy because she doesn't know the whole story. Should I work there to appease my wife and my mom? if I don't what should I tell them?
  6. I think it's a real problem that your married and calling someone other than your husband your "soulmate". That in itself qualifies as emotional cheating in my book, how would your husband feel about you saying that? And what do you mean this guy risked everything? did he risk a marriage? In my oppinion if you're keeping in touch with the man you view as your soul mate, you're playing with fire and it won't end good for your marriage.
  7. Wow that is amazing. I was considering replying with the same information you listed as your views towards men seem to fit both. I understand that my joking may have come accross as prejudiced against women but the fact of the matter is in my household, my wife is the bread winner and I'm more than ok with that. I'm not one of these guys who thinks a woman's place is in the home or not entitled to the same respect as a man. I do however have a problem with women who constantly complain about unfair treatment. You want to know who calls promiscuous women * * * * * *? other women, not men... It's other women, it's their friends behind their back that are jealous of the attention they're getting. Think about it for a second, you keep talking about how bad men are for judging... But you know who's more likely to use those terms. When it comes to choosing a relationship partner and using the "number" as a criteria, women do it just as much as men do.
  8. This is an incredibly smug and intolerant statement. You choose to lable people as ignorant if they don't meet YOUR expectations of tolerance... If they don't live by your standards of what's acceptable. Hypocrite... I didn't expect you to tolorate my comments earlier, I expected you'd get defensive and lash out which you did. Tolerance is fine in situations that don't envolve us but we don't have to tolorate everything. Society in recent years has taken on this crazy view point that we MUST tolerate everything and accept every view point. But we really don't have to nor should we, it's a matter of personal opinion and choice, not a matter that should be governed by recent sociotal trends. I for one will remain an individual and I choose to not tolorate YOU getting all up on a high horse and preaching tolerance while calling people who don't agree ignorant.
  9. My remarks were all made after and in response to this one. Most of the guys in this threaded have seemed pretty laid back and having fun with it while some other people have been getting VERY emotional... specifically 1 and I'm not talking about grosse vache
  10. She obviously meant mine, you weren't in the wrong. And I was being sarcastic trying to fit the typical stereo type you have all been portraying.
  11. Joe, just a thought but I think this thing got such a life because it became a venting grounds for some very emotional people (You know who you are )... Not because of actual concern for the OP and his specific situation. I am interested to know if asks and if he sticks around but any more specifics than that would be a breach of her trust.
  12. I think the OP's point is that if she's been ****ing herself self around, she's more likely to be less commital and less faithful. If it was years ago he might need to consider blowing it off. If it was recent, these are valid concerns
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