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  1. I agree, it's just weird because she keeps bringing up the "we're family thing". I think it would be best if we didn't spend anytime around eachother at all and she tries to guilt me saying I made the decision too and that it's not fair to her to punish her by taking her cousin away when I made the same choice she did... She's got a point, albeit a weak one. It's just that everytime I give in, she tries to turn our contact sexual and I give in more. I need to cut the contact completely and tell her that it's not as a punishment, it's just what's best for both of us. IT's just delicate because she's family she she can never completely disappear from my life.
  2. Ghost, I wasn't saying that you told me to continue with my cousin, I was just saying you told me to keep the specifics of the situation to myself. I agree with you that the crap with my cousin needs to stop, I told her that yesterday and she doesn't seem to be coming over today. As for if my stories true or not, I've got a real life friend on the board who I've talked to about the issue a few times, he's the one who got me to join up on enotalone in the first place. And I'm that girl, I'm not the one with the mental problem, my cousin is. I'm trying to build up some distance from her so that I can focus on my relationship... The only relationship that really matters. I really feel like I'm being judged here. You people helped me with a bad situation and got me back to a good place, I appreciate that and I view you as friends. Please don't judge me as a bad guy or a mental case.
  3. I really think we're passed it. The only small lingering problem is that my cousin has been making a habit of coming over while my wife is at work the past couple days but nothing has happened beyond a bloyjob. I told her yesterday not to come over today but I'm not sure if she'll listen. She says as long as she's gone before my wife gets home it shouldn't be a problem but I feel a little guilty even if it is just a blowjob. I also think she may try to move it on to sex again which I'm not OK with, I'm not going to cheat on my wife. I was just rambling there... I'm just saying that everyone seems pretty happy at this point so why go mess up a good thing with specifics. What my wife knows is true, she's just missing one very small part of it. I really think ghost is right on this one with keeping the secret.
  4. I used to feel the same way about crazy weird stories like that. Until something like this happens to you, you will be cynical of stuff like it. Living it and reading it are two differant things. As I reread the thread, it definitely seems too weird to be true. But actually living the situation doesn't seem anywhere near as weird if that makes any sense at all. Whether you believe it or not though, I'm very happy with my life at the moment so I don't really need the thread anymore. Thanks for all the good advice guys!!! -Andy
  5. Well, the weekend was interesting. I slept with my cousin for the last time friday and she promised it would remain between us. I told my girlfriend my recount of the story and that I don't even remember losing my virginity and I left out the parts envolving my cousin. She assumed the secret my cousin was telling her about was just that I lost my virginity. She told me that she loves me and that she want's to marry me... We eloped saturday night and she moved in yesterday. The first time we made love was as a married couple ant it was amazing and I'm glad it went that way. Anyway, thanks for all the advice guys
  6. Rabican, I could deny knowing about it except that my cousin and I have had talks about it since then and I really do know what happened. If I do get back with my girlfriend, say we end up getting married and spending the rest of our lives together... Can I really go into marriage with a lie? and from there, can I really go the rest of my life keeping a secret from the person I'm supposed to be closest to?
  7. I probably could do that but then what? ghost keeps saying to lie to her... But I love her and I want her to be my best friend, how can I lie to someone that I may eventually want to share my life with?
  8. Pretty much, I'm kind of set on staying home. And I love my girlfriend. This situation is getting pretty sticky huh?
  9. My g/f and I were together about 8 months when we took some time apart late last month. I really don't think my cousin does get the point because she told my girlfriend that I have a secret but I guess she wants to leave it to me to tell her. I think she may be trying to torment me or something.
  10. OK... My ex called me last night and told me that my cousin called her and told her that I have a secret. Something I really need to tell her before getting back together. Could my cousin really be as cruel as to hold me to letting this evil secret out? Should I come out with it or should I just say that it's because I lost my virginity?
  11. ?!?!?! I went to her psychiatrist who first tried to turn the situation aroung and asked why I would take advantage of her. She stepped in and said that I didn't take advantage and that it's what she wanted and that she wants it to happen more. He then asks me why this would be a problem and sugested that I not get back with my girlfriend. He said that he thinks my cousin is in love with me and that maybe I should give her a chance... Going to that appointment was an aweful idea, how does this guy have a degree? I told him that I question his degree to which he said "It's actually a PhD and I think you're being awefully closed minded for someone who slept with your cousin". I got up and walked out at that point.
  12. I've only been that drunk a couple of times and when I started drinking, we were at a bar trying to meet girls. I wouldn't just sit around a hotel room with my girl cousin getting drunk, I was with guy friends at a bar. Apparently my friend has these type of orgy's pretty regularly and he brings some viagra along. My cousin said he gave me one and that after kissing and touching one of the older women for a little while, I came up behind her and the next thing she knew, I was behind her and starting to go in. at first she was a little uncomfortable with the idea because it was incest and although she wanted it, she didn't want other people to know. Once I was in, she just didn't care anymore because it felt so good. She told me that if I hadn't done that, that should would have done me in the bathroom. She also told me that my guy friend tried to come behind me and make an "andy sandwhich" which kind of freaked me out about him. she said I pushed him away and told him I'm not gay, if I was conscious enough to do that, why wasn't I conscious enough to not have sex with my cousin???
  13. You're still implying that they should break up. And I've got to tell you, I ended up in situation similar to his in a past relationship. Her friends used to like me and didn't understand why my behavior changed. In my situation, she cheated on me with a friend and when I went to break up with her, she begged and groveled and told me that she wouldn't go around the person she cheated with unless I was around. Her friends never understood because we kept it between us, but there were times where they'd get pissed because she wouldn't go out because of me. One of her friends eventually started an argument with me and I broke up with her right after because I was being made to be the bad guy in a situation where I did nothing wrong. She still resents that friend to this day and still tries to get me back on occaison. All I can tell you is that you may not have the whole story and you may never get it. There's a reason she's still in a relationship with him. I should probably have added that my ex was also someone that was easily walked on and tried to please everyone. When she wouldn't go out, I found out later that she told her friends it was because of me, although that was true, I never told her not to go out nor did I ask. When her friend started the fight with me, that was when I realized that I was being victimized by giving her a second chance and that she was telling her friends it was my fault so she didn't have to be the bad guy.
  14. I started to tell my girlfriend the truth and she gon incredibly pissed that I lost my virginity to another woman while we were "taking a break". The thing is, I didn't really view it as taking a break, I viewed it as we were done. Anyway, she got pissed and left telling me that she needs some time to think. She told me that it will be fine and that she'll want the details of the story later... I love her but now I'm wondering if I should even give them to her if she's going to react that way. My cousin's appointment is today at noon and I still haven't decided if I'll go or not but I'm leaning toward going. I'll update more later.
  15. Read it, it's probably you kile.
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