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Looking at a girl with eye contact and she turns her head away?

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body language stuff:


if you look down it means you are shy


if you look to the side it means you are interested elsewhere.


so if you want them to know you are interested, but caught looking, look down.


and if you want to be more aloof, cool guy, then look to the side - but don't look at another woman when you glance to the side, I say.


Of course we can always roll our eyes up (jk)


Your info sounds excellent. I do look away from shyness often. If I'm really embarrassed, I look down. If I'm slightly embarrassed and trying be cool and hide my shyness, I look to the side.


If I'm not interested, I look to the side.


Mmm. What chance do women have to figure me out? That's why direct is best, if I can muster the courage. Working on that.


FYI - Looking down does not mean at her teets. That would mean interest again, IMO.


All this stuff reminds me of a documentary on the mating dances of some bird, except we are the birds.

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I find I have trouble doing eye contact with a cute guy if I don't know him. I can't say I really pay attention to where my eyes are going, but I do note that my eyes kinda dart quickly to his and away and back again. I think I look down AND/OR too the side.


I relax a bit if I am talking to him, but when the talking stops, my eyes get all jumpy again!

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Does that looking down stuff vs looking to the side apply only to men who are caught looking, or to women too? Does it apply to either sex?


If so, that would be immensely useful to me when I see women look away.


Both sexes. And not at her, at the ground - the head shifts, not the eyes - that is shifty eyes.

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