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the other side of your face


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the other side of your face

when i noticed it

the other side of your face,

i lost my shelter

the shelter of knowing who you were

the shelter of believing we would always be together

now there's just space

and the harsh winds of realisation

and confusion

and anger

and hurt

it's hurt that wont let me sleep at night

and it's hurt that leaves me wondering

who did i think you were?


we don't talk anymore

and sometimes i wonder how you let that happen

i no longer believe in promises

yours was the last one i held close

i go on with my life

you go on with yours

but i will not stay

so you can run back to find me the same

because what you left behind

isn't yours anymore.

and it hurts me to think of the last time we talked

and it kills me to know that the only person I ever loved

just gave my heart away.

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