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Guys im not sure about!!!

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Well 2 guys asked me out 2day.... I knew both of them liked me, but i jus didnt know what 2 do. I dont know if i want 2 date either of these guys, but they r nice guys. Im kinda liking jus hangin out w/whatever guy i want an not having 2 worry w/a bf. But then again i do want a relationship. Its so confusing!!! I dont know what i want. The whole do what u think is best an go 4 who u like more an will treat u rite dosent work, its a load of crap, it dosent work! Theres different things i like about each, an there ALOT of things that i don't like about each LoL. I think about both of them about the same. I went on dates 2 c which 1 was better.... both kinda sucked. I know both of them pretty well, one is my ex an the other is a senior at my school. My ex is in my grade an a little bit on the immature side, as all younger boys an guys my age are. The senior will be going off 2 college soon. I kinda feel weird around both, but i think thats jus b/c I know they both like me an i was avoiding them asking me out. Im jus so confused.


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So your faced with the confusion on weather or not you should date one of these guys?


But......You dated both of them ONE time, And you said that both dates were Bad.


Sorry, But Now you have me confused, I guess the only logical advice i can give you is Why settle for less?


Even though you said that You liked/Disliked Certain things about both guys, you still don't feel like either one of them is someone that you can see yourself with, as boyfriend material, Just being Friends with Both of them and nothing more.


Really all your looking at is a simple question That only you are going to have to ask yourself. And that is if something Doesn't Click between both Guy #1 and Guy #2, than perhaps NEITHER of these guys meet your standards for whatever it is your looking for in a guy, And that you feel more comfortable with staying friends.


Shot in the Dark: But Do you feel like your almost Forcing Yourself into believing that you need a Boyfriend, cause in high school, It is what everyone else is doing? maybe thats is why your confused.

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