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For those of you that have seen my previous posts, you know what a personal battle I have had regarding my step-daughter's bio-mother her new baby and how to handle the recente-mail of her giving me all her parental rights.


WE spoke to my husband's lawyer, and she said according to the paperwork that the judge signed in February, she really has no parental rights except child support. the paper work contains the prrof of neglect ans abuse.


So there is no reason that we should take up her offer to hand over everything. All it will really do is relieve her of any support payments.


I did how ever hotline her. I realized that there is nothing I can do. I have no control over this woman or what she does hundreds of miles away with her child. All I can do is report her to the Texas authorities and hope like hell they pay attention.


thank you all sooooooo much for your advise and support.

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Hello PHILLwife,



I have read your previous post concerning the biological mother, and I am so sorry to hear that.


Unfortunately, there are people in this world who will take the easy way at every turn it seems, and I am really sorry to hear that for all those concerned.


The courts and state childwelfare systems have almost no way to "really" know who stands before them, or their true motives.


It sounds to me though, that you have a pretty firm grip on "what's up" with this situation, you sound like a strong person, luckily for those like the little ones who need someone like you at this time.


I guess I can only sympathise, agree and affirm here.


I wish I had some great advice for this, but I have seen a great deal of literature here and I imagine there is helpful ideas for difficult custody situations, so I can suggest you look into the "advice" section. I have found good information there that has been a help to me, so check it out.


I'm sure eNotAlone has been a comfort too.


Once again, sorry to hear about your situation.


Best wishes



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