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I dont know what to do anymore I am sooo confused...My story is I like a girl more then anything and I thought she felt the same way by how she acted and talked to me. I passed up opportunitys to date other people and I turned them down cause of her. We were supposed to be dating soon because we used to date but me being 17 and her 14 some people didnt like it so we broke up. Well i have been avoiding other girls and waiting for the right time to go back with her but she tells me today that she was asked out by someone else and said yes. It made me soo mad and jealous not to mention upset so I didnt talk to her for the rest of the day and she kept calling me but I just didnt want to talk cause I would of just gotten more upset. Well I am just confused I cant stop liking this girl even if I tried I wana be with her even tho sometimes I get my feelings hurt I just dont know what to do anymore

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Well if you really like her call her tell her how you feel

say these exact words

"Hey (her name) I just want to say that I'm sorry and that I really like you alot, but everbody thinks this isn't right. I really wanna go out again. Hmmmm i dunno u decide wether we should go out." there try that if she says yes go for it BUT DONT LET ANYBODY KNOW.

hope it works bye

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First of all, this isn't what you want to hear but dude she's 14!!!!!

You are 17 years old, you have your whole life ahead of you and I know there's gotta be girls your age that are just as attractive. You really need to put this one behind you...what if someone accused you of doing "things" with this girl? You could go to jail. If you have that much of an interest in her, keep it loose and wait and see what happens when you two are older.


I'm sorry, but you gotta get on...don't be pissed at her. Be pissed at yourself for turning down those dates to wait for her. Be mad at yourself because you are messed up with a girl that has parents who could put you in jail if you actually did "stuff" with her....seriously, this is a blessing that she found someone else. Don't play with fire. It's a harsh reply, but in the end you'll thank me...

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I dont see that 3 yrs old difference is such a big deal. Ok so what, if you really like her, you can wait a few more years right?


Just call her, but dont apologize. (you didn't do anything wrong to her, only to yourself by giving up your chance) Then tell her like others suggested - what you feel exactly! If she cares enough about you, she should at least give U another chance.

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there is no age problem no one minds about the age anymore but anyway i talked to her and she is very upset and is confused and doesnt know what to do but i dont want to feel guilty now if she breaks up with this new kid because i will feel like i made her. She asked me if i was planning on asking her out in the future and up to yesterday it was a for sure yes but today i told her idk and she kinda got upset but i just said i cant say no and i cant say yes cause alot can happened

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