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Ex wants to be best friends

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Can anyone tell me why ex's want a friendship after the relationship has ended? In addition why does the ex girlfriend keep telling her ex boyfriend that she loves him and that he is very special to her. He tells her that he hates her, and that she looks dirty and sluty, and yet she tells him that he'll always be her friend. Why is this girl still holding on? Note - She was the one who broke up with the guy.

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Sometimes when people break up with someone, and they see that the person they broke up with seems to move on without any pain or sorrow, the breaker has second thoughts and tries to hold on to the breakee to make sure that they made the right decision to break up with them.


Also sometimes the breakers want to keep the breakee on a leash until they find someone else to date and that turns into a relationship.


Also some breakers are cruel and enjoy the attention that the breakee gives them.


People are odd.

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She is holding on because it's easier for her to hold on that it is for the guy. She had time to reevaluate the relationship and realize that she only sees him as a friend. She is not necessarily lying when she says that she loves him and that he is very special -- it's just a different kind of love and a different kind of special. Or she could be trying to soften the blow of the breakup and is using friendship to ease out of the romantic relationship.


Regardless of which one it is, she should respect her ex-boyfriend's wishes. If he does not want her friendship now (or ever), she should not be trying to push herself onto him. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is for the guy to be completely honest and tell her that he wants distance...a lot of it. Because honestly, a friendship under those conditions will not work out, not until his anger has subsided and not until the breakup is entirely behind them.

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The ex girlfriend will also tell her ex boyfriend that she compares him to every guy she dates. She tells the ex boyfriend that he has many great qualities that she looks for in a man. If seems at times, she really needs the ex boyfriend's friendship. What should the ex boyfriend do when she calls. they have been broken for 2 years now, and it seems like she just can't let go. She wants the friendship.

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Well if the boyfriend really doesn't wany anything to do with her, which in this situation sounds like the case. He should tell her to go away and stop bothering him. He should also ignore the phone when she calls until she finally gets the message.



I agree.


Its quite possible that she craves attention and as long as he gives it to her, she'll keep him around.

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