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Does she still feel the same for me?

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Ok I have a problem on my hands if you guys have read any of my other posts its about a girl im in love with but yet she still has a boyfriend...but thats not my problem anymore ok im in a class called ROTC its a class for kids that want to join the navy after high school, but back to the point me and her are in the same class and today we were being inspected and right dead in the midle of inspection I Passed out because i locked my kness and got no blodd circulation to them and when i did this she was standing right next to me, About 15 seconds later i came around and when i couldnt breath i hate to say it but when i got back to breathing i started to get teary eyed.......now this question is basiccly pointed torwards girls...do you think that may have efected anything between the relationship? Please answer

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Hey I'm not girl but I'll tell you that you have nothing to worry about! I mean as if she's going to think any less of you for something like that? If she's a friend to you, you'll only get support. Not resentment. This is nothing and I'm sure both you and her have better things to worry about

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