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am I a fool for kind of missing someone that had no respect for me?

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I feel better that I am not in a relationship but every once in a while I miss that special feeling that a relationship provides and thats love..I know that I have my entire life to find someone again but sometimes I get watery eyed because it was one of those relationships where everything seemed perfect..she somehow contacted me from a place 12 hours away from me. we talked on the phone and online for a while then finally met and everything seemed perfect and we dealt with long distance good and then it was like she took off her mask and began to show no respect and control me..but I feel stupid because I am not sure if I miss her but everytime I feel sad I see her face but she was the only girl I have ever dated so I am not sure..I guess what I am trying to say is that I am feeling lonely..sorry for wasting everyones time..

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no, we are both separated and dating no one, she lives far from me. I just kinda miss havin a special person to talk to daily but yeah I don't miss her controlling disrespectful behaviour. She basically talked to me a lot about how her dad passed away and how her ex boyfriends werent nice to her so I sat there treating her like a princess and then I get swear words and her flirting with someone else right in front of me. lol I am a fool what can I say.

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I think you miss the idea of being in a relationship instead of missing her.


You are prefectly normal to have the feeling of missing. After all, you did have a relationship with her.


You are still young in high school or university, I read your other thread.


Try to be happy yourself and make effort to improve yourself. Never put any potential girl friend on pedestal. Everyone has its flaw.

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thanks for the advice guys..yeah I am in college. I just get down like this sometimes. I know she wasn't the one for me and I just need to focus on whats best for me. I just feel like having a person to take care of me sometimes cuz this loneliness just gets to me. yea..my long relationship story basically tells everything that happened..it was one big nightmare..so I should just read that to try forgetting things. The only problem is that she was my only girlfriend so I think about her a lot. its not that I think positively about her but I still think of her so that gets annoying. I find it hard to talk to new people because I got trust issues after everything that has happened and lastly, I know one day she is going to contact me. It may be during this christmas holiday or some random day down the road, what do you think I should do? I was thinking of keeping my reply brief but polite and leaving it at that. but I dunno let me know what you guys think..

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Revitalized: If she does contact you be careful, I have fallen into that pit before, you start feeling better because you start to hope that things will repair themselves but to maybe just get shot down again.... and then your heartbroken all over again.


Just be careful........



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thanks for the heads up, I don't want to be with her again. I want someone natural that is considerate and not fake and inconsiderate and selfish like my ex turned out to be. I am just going to try to live my own life and forget about her because she proved to be no good to me and I need to work on whats best for me in life. thanks a lot for helping me out everyone.

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