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calling and being in touch


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he texted first i only replied after the third one then he called to see howi was - we chatted and now i back to square one -i miss him will i ever find anyone am i too old what have i done how can i move on!


Help any ideas - he is leaving soon so i accept his calls he says he cares but his mum not agree to future together he aint ready and nor am i so why do i still feel this way - pathetic - he sorry for all the things he did not being there for me and wasting my time but i also wasted his i guess as i not ready and we knew we not right for each other his parents would always be an issue


what can i do to feel better - help please i feel so sad and my mind is everywhere i have gone back a step now - i created unanswered questions why !

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hey whoops.

I know its a hard struggle, hard to ignore their calls, and msgs.You sai dyou where to old to find anyone, that is so not true, just work on yourself and fall in love with YOU, and people will be looking your way dont worry.

i know easier said then done, but everyone here says it gets better so we just have to believe it.

hang in there!!

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Thanks for your reply sweetyez - i am trying to concentrate on me but sometimes it gets hard and old ideas come back when i am talking to someone etc


I think i have to ignore all calls now and move on - hearing from him puts me back and i was doing so well i thought till i spoke to him -


It is hard but we can all do it - a day at a time is the way forward and to forget them a little bit at a time - i have lost a lot of self esteem and so am trying to build that up - not his fault i lost it due to my ridiculous mindset which i have to change again.


I am only early 30's so not that old i guess but i do need to move on quicker then i have in my 20's when i lost someone -


Look forward not back he was part of my past not my future and he would have made me unhappy and forgot about me and never fought for me - i have become colder as a person though and more selfish to - whoops! Never mind why not hey.


So how are you doing?


Thanks for your words really appreciate them - dont feel i can speak to my friends about it they are so in their own coupled worlds that it is hard to make them hear me - so we end up chatting about their plans for babies etc



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