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Trying to get date's, not at all easy


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Signed myself up to a dating site about two weeks ago, paid for a subscription and everything. Sent a couple of emails etc, but have had no replys or anyone emailing me to say that they are interested in getting to know me.


Before you start thinking I'm an unattractive guy, I'll assure you I'm not that bad. Have had a few girlfriends in the past. They have said I have a nice personality too. My profile is cool and interesting, just no one's got in touch.


Have any guys had much luck with online dating? or is it more for the girls. Starting to think theres alot of fake profiles on there.


So what ya reckon?

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"Have any guys had much luck with online dating? or is it more for the girls."


I think not. If it were only for girls then it would be pretty pointless. I mean, all these girls putting their profiles online, and no guys to check it out. Sounds pretty dull to me!!


I think you should just wait it out. I have figured out, that it is when you are not searching or obsessing about getting a woman that they come along!


Enjoy the wait!!

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I have some good and some bad news.

First the bad news.



Those dating sites are most of the time fake.

In other words your money is gone.

I wonder why people are still online dating.

I dont say its not possible but the chance that its gonna work out is very small.

You really need steel balls to date someone you never saw or met.

Maybe its better that nobody answered your mail.

Because i think you will feel foolish when its not gonna end as you expected.




Good news.

There are good girls out there, who are not only looking for the beauty.

But dont expect that every meeting with a girl is gonna end up in a date.

Dont search for a date.

Dont wait for it.

Just let it come.

Do you think that all beautiful guys have 100% chance to make a relation work? WRONG!!!!

Most of the time they screw it up.




I will tell you something else.

You wont get a date or a relation if you aren't happy with youreself.

First feel happy and get some proud.

I dont know how but girls have that ability to sense if you are up or down.

And why would they spent there time with someone who is feeling boring or like a loser.

Do something about the points witch you think you can improve.

And just be yourself if you date.

Because if you have to play the actor your whole life then you still have a long way to go.


Good luck

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If you have problems and issues with getting dates, learn. I'd start with looking at stuff geared towards teaching you how to be a player, and then I'd adapt that stuff. And then I would work from there into still improving my game. If you read something by a guy like Dave D'Angelo, you'd learn a a pretty basic game that would work on a certain group of women. If you read something like "The Rules", you'd see something geared at teaching women something even more basic. If you read both, some other players stuff, and then read some things geared towards being more than just a player and in something deeper, then you'd have something. And then, you'd probably have a single woman who you were with shortly thereafter. Learn.

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