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How do you react to breakups

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especially if its done over email???


I was just recently dumped a month ago. He emailed me at 11 pm friday night and I just lost it. I was so that i drove down to his house and knocked on his door and window. He refused to answer. I knew he was home. He was just a coward. I just wanted him to face me and break up with me in PERSON not over email. It was the worst break up I have ever experienced. When I broke up with someone or someone broke up with me, it ALWAYS had been IN PERSON. It was much easier to handle, even tho it still hurt. But wow, being dumped via email really HURTS! He did send me an apology email two weeks ago. I did make sure to let him know that I did not appreciate how he ended things and that I felt very betrayed.


I am over HIM, though. However I am still MAD at how this relationship ended because it still hurts being dumped over email. I must admit that i feel stupid for losing it and going to his place, but what's done is done.


How do i get over this? Thanks!

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Bless me father for I have sinned.... and I'm a coward. I'll just go scurry off in my corner now.


OP... I understand you are angry with him. Did he offer you any reason for the break-up?? even in his email? Have you been on the outs before with him... like a series of mini break-ups etc??? and he just couldn't stand to be sucked back in or hoovered.


Be Angry... its a good thing. It means you are well on the way through the grieving process.

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My ex broke up with me 6 weeks ago by means of leaving me a voicemail. He called me a few minutes just before 11PM... I intentionally did not answer the phone because I had the strong feeling he will start a huge fight with me once again. Well, guess what? When I retrieved the message that he left, he basically ended the relationship. He did not give any reason at all... except that he blamed me for being "selfish" that's why he needed so much space.


I guess I've been "selfish" because I let him call the shots in the relationship. After all my efforts to make the relationship work, he dumped me like a hot potato with no respect at all. He's a single dad with twin daughters (they are barely 2yrs old). He made them his excuse not to see me when he doesn't want to. I guess I've been selfish because I just waited for him to want to spend some limited time with me... I never nagged him and never gave him a hard time... then in the end, he walked out of the relationship and made me the bad cop.


I tried to call him after that... but he completely ignored my calls. He's such a coward. He has the courage to broke up with me just by leaving me a voicemail but doesn't have the courage to face me and talk to me... what a jerk!!!

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When I broke with my ex only on the 7th day of dating, I did it by phone. I figure why bother arranging to meet him in person if it was just 7 days os being b/f and g/f, LOL. Breaking my phone is the easist methos and less time consuming, it would save me froma actually getting dressed up.


I can't imagine wasting time meeting him just to say "It's over". If I were to break up, I'll do it by phone and if the person's not there, then you can always leave a message saying it's over along with also explaining the reason why you broke up.

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No.. we dated only 2 weeks, but we were very close, like soulmates, we both poured our hearts about our life line, and he said he loved me alot....and then he broke up with me because he told me he don't like the way I kiss and plus he tabulated the money and was afraid of going broke if we continued! What an asshat. I was mad becuase he never communicated those two issues until after he dumped me. I would have had no problems going dutch.

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I agree, the word soulmate is just a hollywood type word that romanticizes relationships far beyond reality. You might have 'matches' in this world, people better for you than others but soulmates is far fetched I think- just another fancy made up word. What happens when your with your so called 'soulmate' and they break up with you? It makes it all that much harder if you really believed something like that. I dont anymore.

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