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marine part 3.. gods with us


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marine girl pt 3


by now you must have read part 1 and 2

sit back and relax because here comes part 3

this were everything gets a liitle exterm

this wont be like part 1 or 2.. i really write this for u guys..

i have read alot peom on hear.. most hav ethem really sad..

so mention god.. but did really understand power of him.. relax ur mind

and see if you understand my confusing mind..



now i am back talking with my marine

i no longer live in a fiary tale and im no longer in a dream

i am in deep in love

and owe all the to that man above

god have pure his blessing on me

i never think a love like this can ever be

a little hope

a little faith

that all he ask from me

was that too much

no indeed

he take of all my want and fullfill my need

believe in god and bend down on your knee

pray alittle and beg god please

hes a god of mearcy and grace

so dont come to him with any ace

because love does join any rat race

we seem to forget that he surpreme

and we take side on the devil team

depression to no expression

i have been in all those situation

all you need is reverlation

and he wil take you out devestation

god is the ans for quation

trust not me but he

and put nothing and no one before jesus

in him shall put all our trust

i know we all sinners

and we go through some ruff time

so of us are even murders

but god will still forgive us

you think i am christian

no my friend but i finally just starting to understand

i want to just share these word with you

because god have choosen you

so go think about wat i said

and then reply to me if wat i say made no sense

it not read again

and if u still dont comperhen

then message wasnt for you then

but dont be sad or get mad

just wait

he say

just wait

for ur day

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