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Help! I think my friend realy likes me even though i'm with someone else


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Hi, thanks for reading this. I'll try to keep it short.


There is this guy I work with who I have a somewhat flirty relationship with. It all seemed like a joke because he knows I'm practically engaged to my longtime boyfriend, and he is friends with both of us. My boyfriend used to work with us too, but now he works somewhere else and my friend seems to be flirting with me more. He'll tease me verbally and physically (tickling me, picking me up, etc.) and give me hugs. And ever since my boyfriend left, he has been saying that I should come hang out with him and our other coworker on the weekends. (We've never gone out, we just see each other at work.) I told my boyfriend about this and he thought it was strange that our friend never asked him (my boyfriend) to hang out with him since they have worked together longer. I have gone to this guy a few times for advice when me and boyfriend disagree, and he keeps telling me that maybe I'm not ready to marry him and generally tries to discourage me. Nothing really happened for awhile, but tonight he called me and actually asked me to hang out. He said he wanted to show me a good time. I really like this guy as a friend, and I admit, I'm attracted to him, but I love the guy I'm with. I have to be around him because I work with him. What should I do?

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Tough situation.


It's okay that you are attracted to him. What you do with that attraction is more important.


It sounds like you want to be with your boyfriend. So I suggest limit your contact with this coworker. Keep things on a professional level. If he starts in with the flirting, try giving him the cold shoulder. If that doesn't work, ask him politely to stop doing it.


You might feel like you are being a *you know what*.


Think about it from your boyfriends perspective. How would you feel if a female coworker was flirting with your boyfriend all the time. Tickling him, huging him, asking him to hangout with her on the weekends. And then to find out he was slightly attracted to her.

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