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First of all I was beginning to believe that online dating was not working well for me after a while. SInce I have revamped my profile I am getting a lot more replies.


I have been emailing this girl from Lavalife for a week now. We have the same outdoor activities interests, like the same kind of music, etc. I am going to ask her out but not too shure what to say. She said one state park she likes to walk at, I have never been to it but would like to check it out. She also likes to mountain bike and I havent done that in problly 2 yrs so that sounds fun. How would I bring up mountain biking and hiking at that park I have never been too? I dont even know where to mountain bike except one place in my area. I have never been to the GA aquarium, that would be fun. Also a drive and hiking in north ga mountains would be fun.


SO how would I ask her out with what I meantioned? I dont want to mess this up.. She has an interest in me...

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Hey Josh!


I think you should keep things simple and make sure you see eachother in public for the first time. Its safer and you can bail if your having second thoughts.


Maybe casually ask her out for a coffee or to lunch... then once you have seen eachother a few times then maybe organise drives and hikes.


Thats my opinion anyway


Good luck!!

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Cool! The changes you made worked! Did you use the suggestions I gave you and that profile you PM'd me? I told you patience would pay off!


And she mountain bikes? Nice...very nice...


Dude, you've got so many options here, how can you go wrong? You can go wrong by doing nothing. Take your pick of venues, and if you guys hit it off, the next 3-4 dates are all set too...


Why don't you try, "I'm thinking about going <...>, are you interested in joining me? I think we'd have a great time. Let me know what your schedule is like and we can work something out." If she's interested in you, you can pretty much say anything reasonable and you'll be fine...


If you go mountain biking together, let her take the lead and set the pace. Try to stick together and if you get a chance, stop and pick her some flowers by the side of the trail...


Dude, you're set, the key's in the ignition and the light is green, you would have to try to mess this one up...


I'm psyched for you man, I know you've been through the wringer with this online dating situation...

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thanks to everyone who replied.


Hi Friscodj. yes I took your advice. Here is my profile:



My name is Josh.


I am a computer repair technitian by trade but I swear you cannot tell by hanging out with me.


Most of my friends would say I love the great outdoors and am a good listener. Also fun to be with and silly a lot of the time but serious when I have to be.


In my free time I enjoy hiking/walking (I walk 4 times a week). A few favorate spots to hike are Stone Mountain and Amikorika Falls in Dawsonville. I also enjoy country drives, photography, cooking, electronics/computers, traveling, cars, trying new things that look fun and exciting.


Some things I would like to do sooner or later are: Travel accross the United States and Canada, visit England, Hawaii, Austrailia, learn how to dance, do some camping and horseback riding, and learn how to play tennis. Above all I would like to start a relationship with an amazing woman and treating her like a lady a high priority. I am very happy to be living the life I am living and would love to share it with a special woman.


I am looking to meet someone who is a NON smoker. Someone to go out, spend casual time with, and see where things lead. The chemistry and magic we'll have together I can't really describe in this little space, but we'll know when it happens. Perhaps we will become friends. Maybe we will become more then friends. At the very least we can share a conversation together and a laugh together. Also enjoy each others company. If you enjoy great conversations and lots of laughter, share (or respect and appreciate) the interests in my life, and believe nice guys finish first, you may have met your match.


Also here is the first email I sent to her:


Hi brandi how are you? My name is Josh. I love spending time with family and friends, love outdoor activities- hiking, biking, swimming, country drives. I also like to take a lot of pictures and video.


What kind of music and movies do you like? Where do you like to rollerblade and hike?




Basically it says in her profile she likes outdoor activities, close to her family so thats what I came up with. Also this is on lavalife.


Im about to get off one dating site because after 3 months it hasnt worked too well. ALso tried link removed for a month- it was ok but not what I was looking for. I have also recently signed up for link removed, eharmony, and link removed. Been getting a lot of matches through email on americansingles. We will see how these sites go.


Thanks again.

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