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Scared of new realationship being like the last one


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Hey.(i hope this is the right place to put this)

Ok i have sot of finally realised why im scared in my new realationship.I mea i really like the new guy but in the last one he was so over the top.He ruled my life for basiclly three years.I remember this year i had a note from the office because i had to leave school early and he made me give him the note so he could check it before he let leave the school.And when we were on a beak last year i went to new zealand and he went to Italy and i couldnt stop thinking about. He would go to his amry camp and stuff like that

(i dont like the idea of war at all but he liked it so iwas fine i wanted him to be happy) and when i would spend time going shopping with my mates he would get all stroppy and say i never spent time with him.He ruled my life for so long and im glad ive got over him ( it wasnt easy) and i really wanna move on.Im scared even though i know the new guy is totally different.I mean my ex wanted sex and i knew it but i didnt want to and i told him that but i know the new guy wont but i need help.Im scared of him ruling my life like my ex and my dad.

I dont wanna hurt the new guy.He is so sweet and different than my ex cause he doesnt try and suck up to me and he likes me the way i am.ANd also the new guy when i was a upset i made a poem and it said " just tell me when i start to matter" and lots more but he was like start to matter?you always mattered.I felt so loved

Im scared of letting this new guy in...Can some one please give me some tips?


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The only thing we all have to do from time to time is overcome "FEAR"

It is pretty common in all of us, and especially if we have been hurt.

Try and always remember, people are all different, and don't place the person or label them in a catagory just becsuae of something that happened to you.


That really is not fair to them, and you will shut them out. Try and remember.....One door closes...another one opens


Treat people the same way you want to be treated


Good luck


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its apples and oranges babe. it would be impossible to mix up the two. if they were totally similiar and u did the same things, maybe, but surely u learned lessons, and the new guy sounds like he gets it - so jump in without worrying. start yer new relationship on a positive note.

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