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Can Something Good Still Happen??

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Hi Everyone.



Its been a while since I've wrote on here, but I have my story up from before....I believe its under "Can't Stop The Tears"


Well to sum it all up my ex ended things with me about a month ago, saying he lost feelings for me because we were separated for quite some time. Which I understand, how that can happen. But he was dead set on ending it. But then after a while he came to a realization that he wants to work on things to see where it goes. He didn't want to say goodbye because of the 4 years we had together. So every weekend we do things and we have a blast together. This past weekend was so much fun.


So when we were in the car driving together, he told me that he was very happy with the way things were going between us. And I told him I was too. It seems to me that if things continue this way in the end it will all be ok. He said we are working on getting back to having things the way they used to be.


So that right there gives me hope, that it really all will work out. But then he still says, we wil see where things go. I don't get what he means at all. Do you all think its possible things will work out??? I really need any help I can..



Everytime he sees me, he always re-assures me that there is nobody else he wants. He's not interested in another female, because he is working on things with me. Part of me believes him and still there is a small part that doesnt.



We sometimes says "I Love You" when we hang up and a few weeks ago we never said that....What is his deal???




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Everytime he sees me, he always re-assures me that there is nobody else he wants. He's not interested in another female, because he is working on things with me. Part of me believes him and still there is a small part that doesnt.


Be careful of this... Of course he's gonna tell you that he isn't looking for anyone else. He isn't sure you will still be there if he does! My ex said the exact same thing during a WONDERFUL evening that really made me feel this is IT we're gonna be okay... The next day I saw that he had re-activated his old online dating profile. Just be careful.

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This does all sound wonderful, except with one glaring factor missing from the equation: that you two are in mutual and clear agreement you are back together and committed on repairing your relationship.


It's hard to repair a relationship when one of you is completely confused about your status.

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Jayar- I know what you mean. I actually found out he sent an email to a friend from higshschool. All he did was say hi, but it got back around to me. I know it was probally harmless.


I told him that if he wants someone else, to just let me know. I don't want to continue this and get hurt at the same time. So I said you better tell me now. And he still says there is nobody. Part of me still does believe him.


I just don't know what to think. I mean it seems that things are going in a good direction. He says he still has feelings and he still loves me, but not like he use to because we were separated for quite some time. Like I said I do understand how that can happen, because I was confused at one point just like he is now.



He said its not all about sex either. He never ever pushes that on me. When were are together, its all about us and working on things...Nothing sexual ever happens unless we agree on it mutually...

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How long were you two separated? The fact that you have previously been a couple makes his excuse about "just dating" until he figures it out a bit bogus. Also, if I understand your post, you are actually having sex with him at times. Friends with benefits typically happens when both parties agree, even if the sex doesn't happen all the time and one partner is free to say, not thanks, not today...that is still Friends with benefits. If he doesn't want to commit to you and say you are a couple, then stop having any kind of physical intimacy at all (no kissing, cuddling etc). Just be platonic. Only if he decides he wants the full relationship, then SLOWLY build up the physical part.

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We were separated for quite some time about 5 months or so. I was in a way doing my own thing seeing my friends, making new friends etc...And now after me being the way I was, Eric got fed up with it and ended it, now he's the one going out with his friends all the time etc....


So now he has time for himself and school. He and I still see each other on the weekends and it seems as if nothing is diffrent. I tell him over and over not to hurt me, and he said he is not in anyway. So I guess I do believe it.


I'm just such a mess and I really don't know what to think....I just think things can be back the way there were, as he said, but it just takes time. But then again he still says he doesn't know what can happen, yet he loves the way things are going...



Such a mess and so confused.

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