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Tough decision


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Hmm I have a tough choice to make.

Two girls


The good things

1.she likes me

2.crazy fun

3.to my knowledge is not dating anyone

4.supposed to be pretty(I've seen her twice but didnt know it so i actually don't know what she looks like)

5.We can have a fairly deep conversation together

the bad things

1.not a virgin

2.has tried to commit suicide before(more than once and in more than one way)


The good things

1.very attractive


3.fun to be with


the bad things

1.don't really know her in depth

2.not really able to speak to her a lot(don't get to see her often)



I like them both very much.I just dont know.

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Wow, you are very young! Take it easy, take it slow. Try to get to know both of them as humans, as individuals, as people, and as friends. Let nature take its course with everything else. Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but true friends stay forever (or at least for a really long time).

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You're only a freshman. Don't worry about getting a girlfriend so much. When the time is right, you'll find who you're looking for.


The thing that makes me really think is that you said that you barely know either of them. One you don't know emotionally and the other you don't know physically. The first step to get a girlfriend is to become friend's with them. Don't just shoot for a girlfriend. If you want things to work, be friends first.


If I were you, I'd stay away from the one with the boyfriend. Mainly because you said she's a sophomore and her boyfriend's a senior. I really don't think that one will work out at all.


Good luck.


Ahh, I had to edit because I forgot to say something. You said that the one girl isn't mentally stable. Just because she isn't stable doesn't mean she isn't a great person inside. She just doesn't realize it and it just seems like to me that she needs a good friend more than anything.

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I know,its just I don't feel loved enough honestly.

At school someone brought up the topic of bf/gf relatinoship,and asked if I had ever had a girlfriend,which on the outside I answered straight forward and with no emotion,but on the inside i felt bad.


Oddly enough since i have this "crush",my health has improved"spiritually,phisically"but not mentally

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