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Through the bedroom mirrors, I saw tears fall from my eyes,

Just right beside me was a horror in disguise,

Morning after another, I heard his unpleasant snoring,

Remembering I had left my mother, to end to see him scowling.

I am dedicated to my family...


With all three children in the house, he bruised me eternally,

The dry taste in my mouth grew with urges for liberty,

Wandering around the house for refuge,

quietly praying for sanity, but left me more confused.

I am dedicated to my family...


Breathing deeply until he was gone,

Waiting for someone to fix what he had done wrong,

The countless hour when he was out,

gave me the chance to release myself and shout.

I am dedicated to my family...


I carried all three on my back,

Keeping my promise to leave and never remember "Jack",

Our lives began fruitful, finally

Although he is no longer with us now,

I am dedicated to my family.

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