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Somtehing that happend last night. Any comments..

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Ex treats me badly then when he see's me he wants to kiss. And make love. It's hard for me to resist b/c I love him. Then he won't see me for a while then he'll call. He isn't letting me go. (I think I make him feel good but only for a short time? then he gets tired of me ?)Therfore my feelings remain with him. We had sex a couple weeks before. Yesterday he was holding me and kissing me then asks if ive been with anyone sexuallyy i reply no. Then he said he {Mod Edit} someone else. I started crying. And can;t stop even a day later. He gets a little jelious when he see me out. And When I see him with girls I can't help but to get mad and hurt. So now that he told me this I am going crazy thinking about why he would hurt me like that . After he just told me he loved me. So Ex won't let me go emotionally, but he goes out and screws other chicks then gives me all the emotional stuff. I am younger he is my frist so I'm falling right for this trap. Q is to older men and ladies. He says he doens't think he can find someone else to love him as much as me. and he can't do a relationship. He isn't acting like my friend when i see him he acts like my man. My emotions stay the sam. So does this mean I need to stay loving him or move on.. Another Q is how do you get over someone you see three times a week at the gym. IS it possible to get over someone when you see them alot and they always act like your together.??

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Why play you? Because you're not even 18 yet and he's 25.


This isn't even worth any of what you're going through-- not at all. It's just going to get worse. Forget him, as much as you've fallen for him, forget him. Just forget him. And did he do something sexual with someone else-- is that what you said? And you had sex and didn't use protection?? If that's the case, you might want to go get yourself tested.

There's a lot of questions, but seriously, not worth your time, not worth your consideration, not worth our feelings... You're so much better than this.

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You act like you're the victim but please keep in mind that you chose to see him and chose to be intimate with him. The "but I'm in love" doesn't take away from your choices. This is a good thing - since it is your choice, you can choose to make better choices. Is this all worth risking an STD and pregnancy?

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why play you? cause he can....and a jerk that will.

he knows you have feelings for him, he knows he can easily get what he wants from you.

It sounds as though he has moved on (been with others & ignores your feelings) And you still haven't..it's your first love. So any contact you have with him, especailly sex. is going to continue to mess with your head & feelings.


I've been here before. With my first love as well, only I let it last for years & it only got worse. Please don't stand for this, Take of yourself. You do deserve better, so don't settle for being treated like this. Walk away, there is nothing keeping you there.

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am I being a fool keeping my feelings towards him & waiting?


Honestly...Yes. He treats you badly. why wait for that? Plus- NEVER wait for someone to change.

Yes it's possible to get over someone you see a lot. (I had to, we had a child together). The biggest thing that helped me was & might help you.I wrote in a note book that I carried everywhere. I wrote in big letters accross the page "WHEN YOU MISS HIM, WHEN YOU'RE JEALOUS, REMEMBER HE'S NOT THE MAN HE WAS . HE'LL NEVER BE THE MAN I NEED". write down the things you hate, the names he calls you, the way you feel when you are around him NOW. (not the good things you felt before, but the way you feel now...when your self worth is torn apart.) and when you miss him...read it! than write on another page, all the things you want in a man. right now to the little things & read that. Keep your eyes forward & on better things. Because there is much better & you deserve to be treated like a the princess you aren't.

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I've been in exactly the same situation as you are in. It suck, I feel for you. But you don't deserve this, he's just using you!! You shouldn't let him, also, if he's sleeping with other people and you, you could catch something. No no. Keep away! I know it's hard but if he invites you out say no. Go into NC. I know you see him at the gym but IGNORE HIM. It may be hard but it will do you the world of good.


Plus your young, you have many more experiences to go through in your life (just like me) don't waste it on this guy, your worth better!

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