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darn it~she called me

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okay guys and gals after 15 days of NC she just called me here at work.

(she blocked her number so I thought it was an international call

which my company has no called ID and she knows that)

My ex is the the game player of the century...she wanted to know if I knew where her sons senior pictures were. (mind you he got those AFTER I left) I told her No, I did not. I reminded her that I had never seen them and that all I got was a picture or the picture sent to me on my cell phone shortly after we split. She said (real ugly) "well you don't have to be so ugly" and I said I don't have them. She said well they are gone. "BYE" and hung up in my ear.

(maybe you should check under the piles and plies of crap you have every where all over your sloppy a** house?)

I guess I should thank her for the reminder of why I left. Maybe I was ugly,

but I think I was just short. Hey, who cares? (enough even thinking about that!)

***sigh*** I hope this doesn't send me into a tailspin...I am going to try my best to blow it off. Any advice?

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Hey dude I went through the exact same situation a month ago with my ex. Been in NC for almost the exact same amount of time, and received a text message out of the blue over some trival matter.


It's a short thread and details how I dealt with it, and the advise from others.


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Whew, thanks folks. Wow that was almost a panic type feeling very strange.

I really got nervous that would set me back...but I did okay last night, thought about it a few times and got a little irritated, and then got really grateful I don't have to deal with that kind of bs anymore. Again, thanks allot

to all!

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