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I'm doing it!!!

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I'm reporting the rape!!!


Can you believe it?!!!! I'm finally ready! I'm not afraid of it any longer.


I'm going to go down there, give a report, and whatever happens, happens.


I don't expect a trial because there is no physical evidence.

But if there is a trial so-be-it.


I'm doing this for me.


I have to get my life back, and I believe that this is a part of the process for me.


I've already made an appointment and I'm ready to go!


I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm excited because I feel like this will give me some type of closure. I'm excited because I feel brave, no longer powerless.


Nervous, well that's natural. Who wouldn't be a little nervous about such a major turning point in there life?


Wish me luck!!!!

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