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Feeling kind of weird tonight...just was thinking about why she left, and she never gave real reasons why...we just argued and boom it was over... Most of the people know them and their ex just wouldnt work out, but we were so perfect for eachother. I cant help but wonder how she is living with herself knowing what she threw away...and she never EVER gave one legit answer as to why we couldnt get back together except that she slept with someone else.


Im not sad, but its just a weird feeling, its actually kind of funny.

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Sometimes people dont know what they want. So they throw away something that is good for them.


She probably didnt know she wanted and wanted to look for something else.


Sometimes the dumper themselves dont even know why they are tired of the relationship.


Or they are too chicken to tell you the truth.


Either way, they're gone and GOOD RIDDANCE

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I think so many people don't know why..

true.. I hear peopel saying... we had this one fight etc etc..


with mine... we didn't even have a fight... he never distanced himself from me


I think its normal to hope they will call and realise they made a mistake... especially when they dumped you ofr no apparant reason.. even though I know I should 'look out for myself' and all that... I just want him to call.


He broke up with me last week and I haven't talked to him or been in contact with him once... it just feels so weird


I totally understand about not getting a legit answer... I got ' dont' know if I like you as much as I should'... and when I asked him what he wanted he said he didn't know... and that we felt like 'really good friends who we could talk about anything too and do anything with'.. instead of a girlfriend( and being relaly good friends who talk is a bad thing?!?!)


anyway, sorry I've hijacked your thread... but i know how you feel.. I wish he'd just said to me... I don't find you attractive... you bore me.. you smell. you have an annoying laugh... then at least I could say what a jerk... but now.. I find it hard still to look back and find the things wrong with him.


hope all is well!

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