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My girlfriend recently started taking birth control and she was told to wait till she was done with her first package to begin having unprotected sex. My question is this: is birth control effective at all within the first 30 days? She has currently been taking it for a little over two weeks.

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The standard for most medical practices is to finish 1 package before it being fully effective. I have asked dr friends/boyfriends and they say if you start on the first day of your period, it should be effective within 7-10 days, but if you start on any other day than the first day of your period, wait 1 month. If you are worried and just cannot wait to have sex, use a spermicide. I recommend condoms though, because of STD's, it's not worth the risks.

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If they say one month...wait one month.


The time at which effectiveness kicks in varies from pill to pill...some are 7 days, and some are 30 days. It really is best to go through a full "cycle" on the pill first.


PLUS, not all women will react the same and have it be as effective as required. If your doc says a month....stick to it!

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I would recommend usin condoms even if shes on BC , because 1- bc isnt 100% effective, and 2- STD's are so widespread these days!.


Yes, only go without condoms if you truly are prepared to be in that 1-5% (1% is "perfect use", 5% failure rate is the more typical use) that finds pills aren't perfect. I know more than one person whom is here because the pill failed!


And make sure you are both tested and free of STI's (at least to best of your knowledge) first, and totally monogamous.

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The doctor said to wait 30 days before having unprotected sex and there may be a reason why this was said. It could have something to do with something particular about the kind of birth control she is taking or your girlfriend.


In theory bc is effective when it has been in a girls system for 7-14 days depending on the bc. However there could be reasons why it would be longer. The easiest thing to do is to wait the 30 days or else there could be consequences.

I would also suggest that both your gf and you get tested for STIs before you decide to have unprotected sex.

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I think your question has been answered plenty of times, but I just need to say that I agree with what everyone has said. Wait 30 days if that's what the doctor has said.


And even then, it's probably wise to still use condoms. I've known quite a few people who have gotten pregnant even though they were using the pill. It's not 100% effective, so there's always that slim chance. And pregnancy could very well happen. So unless you are ready to handle the responsibility, be smart about it..

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