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1st step to happiness :)

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Last night I was talking to a guy that I thought something could have happened between us awhile ago. As I was talking to him, it hit me, I have matured and grown so much in the past year. If I didnt I would have tryed again or I would have started dramas.


I feel that all my past relationships happened for a reason, that reason being it made me mentally stronger, I feel like I can tell people that they hurt me when they do and not just ignore it like I used to. I feel like Im on the moon or something!! I feel positive yet spritual.


Im really happy, Ive come along way from being depressed, abused, used, hurt and played with. At one stage I thought about taking my own life.


Just want to say thanks to god for helping me out and to everyone here who supported me thoughout

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I know where your coming from. I was holding it in too, now I'm so straight forward, and confident, yet myself..just a better person. I'm still getting out of the depression, but my life is looking up. It's hard when your down and out, in a real dark place, but things do happen for a reason.


Nice to hear your doing okay, life is hard, it's always good when people make it out of the hole they fell into because of something from their past.

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Here here!! I feel the same way about my past relationship. I think I've become a infinitely stronger man after my ex and I part ways. It was glorious to grow and to learn from the, albiet painful, experience... but I've learned so much... in 3 months because of it.


It's astounding what can happen.... in such a short time....


Anyway... you're right everything does happen for a reason..

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