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  1. Hi folks. I've been trying to find the motivation to work on a few projects of mine: a book, a podcast, voice acting, etc. It's easy to get a move on most of these projects when I have free time. However, I now have a 9 to 5 job that takes a lot of my energy away leaving me exhausted pushing away the possibility of using mental resources to get any significant work done on any of these projects. I very much want to find a way to come away from a long shift with enough energy intact to be able to make progress in any side project I want. Are there any fellow hobbyists or creatives out
  2. So since December 2019 I started working a new job downtown. It's a great gig; good pay and the work is relatively fulfilling. I'm even part of a union! Here's the thing ... a management position has opened up recently that I think I'd be good at. This means even greater pay, less need to do gruntwork and I don't have to deal with but at the entry-level. Thing is ... I would have to give up being part of union. Anyone have any experience with this sort of dilemma? Is it worth giving up the benefits and the protections afforded by a union for higher pay and the possibility at movin
  3. A person I trusted I knew for some time knows I've been on this site. We had a good relationship for some time and I've pointed out this site to him for some help. They decided it wasn't for them but we've since had a falling out and they are now threatening to make my life unbearable and start doxxing me. At the same time, I'm trying to look for a job and the information here can be used to prevent me from getting a job in the near future. I know thread edits and deletion are against the site's policy but I feel a special case can be made as this individual has some pull in industry
  4. So I've been toiling lately with how to spend my time now that I'm not worried about finding a job. Since I like being creative, I've decided to dive deep into what I can do with my time to express myself. This is a period of my life, particularly since 2016, that I've been absorbing literature across a huge breadth of subject matter. Given my interests, a lot of reading is theoretical, literary, historical and biographical. These topics include but are very likely not limited to social systems, narratology, story structure, writing, writing style, the history of literature, social life on
  5. I think that might be the case. I wasn't working very much while I was in university so my schoolwork got my undivided attention. Now, with everything coming at me from every which way, there might be other contributing factors. As far as note-taking and highlighting goes, It's a skill I should develop. The whole 'interactive reading' from Mortimer Adler's book How to Read a Book is starting to make more sense to me now.
  6. I do have rent to pay, an at-home job and friends/roommates who I live with. The biggest worry is that of finding a new job which I've been scrambling to find since the term on my current job is about to expire.
  7. This has me worried considering I have an academic background in literature. I don't know if this has to do with physical or mental health or perhaps age (I'm 36). This sort of reading wasn't difficult in college - I was told what to read, why, what to look for and how I can compatibalize my reading into my writing assignments. Now, I find it harder to keep my head wrapped around read subject matter for long ... and I'm not sure why. I've been reading a lot lately and love books. In fact, I have collected a rather sizable collection of books across a number of topics, but mostly have
  8. I'm thinking that would be a great idea. I'm looking into options for this as well.
  9. Given the reality I'm facing right now, I'm looking for work where I can find it. I'm even applying to cafes, retail or anyone that would hire. I guess I'm well beyond being stubborn enough to be picky anymore. I just contacted my trustee. I'm going to get an appointment date soon.
  10. Title says it all. I've gotten an education. I found a way to live on my own while going to university. I had a lot of friends, the possibility for a career in call centers but I was stubborn and lazy and I wanted things to go my way all the time. My way ... all the time. Now I'm in so much debt, my CC debt has been sold to a third party collection agency. I don't have a job and I can't pay anything back now. I have to file for bankruptcy and I don't know what to do or where to turn. In the next 3 months, my lease will be due ... I'm going to be out on the street ... with nothing.
  11. I'm not sure what's going on with me, or if this is the best forum for me to put everything out there but, here it is. Keep in mind this is a guy in his mid-30's. Today has been insane. Almost literally insane. I work out of the home right now and, for some reason, I snapped. I just flipping snapped. Over the Christmas season, I've been reading Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. I realize, like Charlie before the experiment, that I'm incapable of being capable. Actually, I'm not even at his level; at least he managed to get employed during his 30's. Here, I'm still struggling.
  12. So I've been diagnosed with adult onset asthma and I'm getting a radio/podcasting career going. This is being managed medically, but this comes as a blow to my confidence and may affect my future plans. I've noticed my breath is getting shorter and my sentences are being cut short as a result. Could there be breathing techniques I could use so as to not sound so wheezy when I'm talking over the microphone? Is there anyone in a similar situation? I'm reaching out to fellow asthmatics who have dealt with this problem as well in their lines of work. Will I have to consider switching out
  13. The tone and the language in this post may seem strange. Forgive me, I'm on the spectrum and I have a very structured, almost dispassionate, way of talk to and about other people. So I was out for a business meeting in a mall today and I figured out that I'm not using my social skills to their full potential. Walking in and out, there are a lot of people sitting around and or standing looking over WEM's Santa Maria (the mall's main tourist attraction) that I could easily strike a conversation with. Thing is, I find myself overthinking my approach to conversation with any given stranger.
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