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is our love true?

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Me and my gf are in relationship for over an year and few monts back she has to go back to her homeland (1000?

of miles from where we used to live and where i live right now) for 4 months. Its been couple of months now that we are apart and recently she told me that some guy proposed love to her but she told her abt our relationship to him trying to make him understand the situation she is in.(the guy is her friend for few months now). THey have been talking and meeting each other on a regular basis and few days back he asked her for having sex and she says she reluctantly agreed.(she told me that its very stupid to do such a thing and regrets now and will never do it again). I love her truly and i know she loves me too. I never had a doubt in her love so far and now i am convinced that she will never do such a dirty thing again. My reaction initially was shock and disappointment but later i got my anger out by asking her stupid questions and we fought and have already patched up. Now after couple of days of this incident things look normal. Am i alright? is it all normal?


Appreciate ur valuable response.



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So, she cheated on you and you are asking if it is true love? And knowing his intentions, she also continued talking to him?


Sorry hon, but for me, that voids the whole "true love" deal, if you truly love someone you would not firstly lead someone else on (or allow them to continue talking like that) and two...you would not even CONSIDER giving in to their request to sleep with you!


But, it sounds like you want to stick around, so I just hope on her side she is truly showing you she made a mistake and is 100% committed to the relationship. If she isn't, I hate to say it, but chances are she would do it again.

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Hey thanks for that response. I just came back from "The continent she lives in" heartbroken after meeting her. Let me post few conversations we had before i went to meet her and and the time i was with her.


First one:






I have always predicted/guessed her move and wasnt surprised when she told me that she kissed someone which obviously meant she had sex. When i went to be with her for a week she refused to make love with me quoting different lame excuses. I figured she is in love so i said u wanna break up but she cried and made helluva drama and told me that she wanted to be with me and she truly loves me. Ok i got conviced but the next day i said the same thing again and she repeated too but after few days i begged her for the truth and she finally accepted that she is now truly in love with the other guy and that is the reason she cudnt be loving to be (That one week i always complained to her that i dont feel like i am getting enff love).


All this said she still says she is trying to love me coz she likes me and wants to spend the whole life with me ...reason being i can provide a comfortable life for her and her son and ofcuz lots of love and sugar. She wants to forget him and get back to me and she has asked me for some time alone. I am confused what i shuld do!



I have told her numerous times that i want to break up but again the love towards her son makes me become normal and me thinking of giving one more chance to her.


Am i doing sensible?



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I think you seem such a kind,sweet person. And how trusting and forgiving you have been i think she will abuse this and hurt you again in the future. I know its hard but i would move on, get over her and you will find someone much more worthy of your good heart. If you do decide to give her one more chance, make sure it is her last chance and if/when it happens again you have to be strong and say enough is enough. Good luck and i hope you find the happiness you deserve x x x

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