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weight and wisdom teeth

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Hmm, I don't think you generally need to be on liquids THAT long. Of those people I know whom had their teeth pulled, it was at most a couple days, then it was soft foods for a few more.


You can lose weight anytime you are taking in less calories than you burn....so it depends how much calories you take in, liquid form or otherwise versus how many you burn naturally or with exercise.


I would advise you make sure you are eating enough though - get nutritious foods in too through smoothies, protein shakes as suddenly dropping your intake can cause your metabolism to go haywire and this can cause long term damage (and weight GAIN ultimately). Your body NEEDS nutrition and calories to maintain a healthy weight, metabolism and be strong.


I never had to get any pulled as I never got them (I am unwise I guess!).

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I didn't lose weight when I got my teeth pulled. Maybe because my mom kept making me chocolate shakes!


But I also only went like a week without eating real food. Then I just went right back to eating what I normally eat.


But yeah, like Raykay said, make sure you are still eating well. You can always lose weight if you just eat the right foods.

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I have had a pretty bad case of inflammation of the wisdom teeth, and had two removed in one operation. I had antibiotics for 2 weeks, and I think I ate liquids for a few days. I loose weight pretty rapidly, I guess you do too if you are so concerned. Make sure the liquids are nutritious! You can do a LOT with a blender!



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I didn't lose weight when I had mine done. You don't have to be on liquids for too long. Try to get some meal replacement shakes because they'll fill you up more than regular beverages.


Once I could have food again- it had to be soft food..... mashed potatoes are not healthy in any way....which is probably why I did not lose weight at all. They were yummy though.



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I was only on liquids for one day, the next 3 or 4 days it was soft foods, soon after I could eat most things with a little trouble. I had a very quick recovery though. It is a good opportunity to eat healthy tasteless things though, since it is much harder to taste when you cant chew so great, and your tongue takes some abuse during the surgery from being dry, covered in blood, and scraped a bit. Maybe you can make it a habit lol. I got 4 removed by the way.

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The dentist I'm going to told me to avoid dairy products because it's common to have... um... regurgitations because of all the drugs they pump you with for pain and such. He made it sound like I won't be able to keep anything down and recommended taking gravol (if I can even keep that down).

...also... he said not to make a suction with my mouth (like with a straw), because it can cause the clots to come out. So be careful drinking shakes.


Dairy products also make your throat produce more mucous- so it will make you uncomfortable. The thought of cold ice cream may seem soothing at first, but it's actually worse for your throat. Jello is the way to go once you can have soft foods.


Definitely don't drink from a straw- and do not smoke cigarettes if you're a smoker. Rinseing/spitting too much should be avoided too. As your dentist said, any suction can disrupt the blood clots to heal and result in something called "dry socket" which is very, very painful for most people. Be extra careful to avoid it.




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Its really not that big of deal. I am a dental assistant and I had my wisdom teeth removed 2 years ago. I didnt have any complications and I was back to work in 3 days. I could have went back sooner but I deserved a little vaca. As belladonna said, dont use a straw, smoke, or rinse and spit to vigorously. Your clots need to be there to speed up the healing process. You will definitely have "holes" where the teeth were removed for months to follow. Eating Jell-o will help because it aids in bone regrowth. You will also need to tend to your sites more attentively because as you start to eat solid food again, it can get trapped in the sockets causing a VERY VERY foul smell. If you do have some swelling cold compresses should help. Good Luck!

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i remember getting my wisdom tooth pulled like 5 years ago... well, i don't remember the event because i was knocked out, but i remember waking up with a lot of dried blood on my tongue and a lot of numbness.


you might not feel pain afterwards. that is the time to take Tylenol, Advil, your favorite pain killer. don't wait until you feel pain. i remember buying soup and coming home, and that's when it hit me... omg, a world of pain that would not go away. anyways, good luck!

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Its not fun. I had all 4 removed in one shot. It hurts like hell. However, the pain is different for everyone. My 2 bottom ones were infected and for this reason they hurt twice as bad as the top ones. The procedure is more complex than you might think. First they remove a small portion of gum area to pull the teeth. Next the gum is sewn back on.


The positives are they give you the anestisia so you get to trip out for a while which is pretty fun. Also when you leave you get vicodins which are even more fun. They num the pain. Also you get to eat a lot of soup and ice cream and pudding. These happen to be some of my favorite foods so it was not so bad for me.


Rinsing with warm salt water also helped to num the pain. Just remember that the first night is the worst. If you can get past that one the second one will hurt so much less. It is kind of like healing after a breakup in some form even. For the first night I had to constantly change the gauze pads every hour until the bleeding finally went down.....There were also some weird stitches which did not go away for a couple of weeks.


Seriously, one of the most painful things I have ever done in my life aside from getting my leg stappled when I got sliced up in a car accident. Once you get thru it it will be totally worth it. You won't ever have to do it again. Plus, I think the pain is worth it since you won't have to worry about the wisdom teeth growing in crooked and causing you constant pain...


A little late on this one...but my post can be used for future reference....

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