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I'm 20,She is 30 is that a problem??

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Hi ... I got this thing for my next door neigbor. I've been hanging out with her husband for like a week now and everytime i see her we talk and stuff. Her husband is kinda dumb he drinks alot of beer and has a kid mind. I really dont like him. I only go over there just to see his wife. this one night we were all drinkin and then she stuffed me in the corner and made out with me. I like it! The next day she was like it was nuttin then she started sayin i was the second guy she kiss in her life. Also ever since i been there for a week she's been braggin to me of how she just want to kick him out and how she hates him but then i dont really know what to say. I didnt really tell her how i felt about that kiss she gave me but then she was like i felt like a little brother to her. Am I not giving her enough signal that she has to say that?? I really dont express my feeling much but I REALLY LIKE HER. now I can't even sleep she just keeps poppin of my mind. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? SHE IS A MILF!!LOL besides that AM I IN LOVE OR INFATUATED?? What should i do please HELP ME PLEASE !! I CANT SLEEP .. appreciated to whoever is reading

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Yeah well lotsa people say "He's only like a brother to me.." Then they end up going out. I've heard stuff like that before haha. Seems like it happens too often.


But... I reallllllly don't think you should be with her all the time... I mean, she's married. And I know you don't know what to say when she says she wants to leave her husband... that's good. I don't think you should really tell her what to do. I have 2 friends who I accidentally hooked up and they tell me all the things that make them unhappy about each other (& honestly, I don't know why they are still together..). And when they talk to me, I don't say much... I'm neutral. I am in no position to tell them to break up with each other because they are unhappy. I'm just there for them. Just like you, I don't think you're in a position to tell her what to do. She IS married. I think you should let her decide what to do... atleast she won't have YOU to blame if she regrets it...


It's good you don't express your feelings towards her much. You don't want to get in between a marriage. It'll be complicated and you'll probably regret it. I think you're probably just infatuated with her.


Well........... I hope that helped somewhat? lol. Good luck.

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Dude, she's married, dont go there. As much as you may like her nothin good can come of it. Lets look at the possibilities


A. You guys mess around behind her husbands back


I. He finds out and kills you or at least beats you severly

II. He doesnt find out but you keep messin around and your getting some but never truly feel fullfilled

III. He still doesnt find but you mess around for a while and she becomes bored and breaks it off with you and stays with her husband while your upset and heart broken

IV. You mess around and she somehow becomes pregnant then she either pretends its his and you lose your child or she has to tell him she's been cheating and got pregnant by his neighbor who he thinks is his buddy and he either forgives her and stays with him or leaves and then stays with you for a while


B. She leaves her husband


I. You guys are together and you have to stick around for all the emotional divorce stuff

II. You guys mess around some and she decides leaving is to much and goes back to her husband and your left heart broken

III. You guys mess around some and she gets bored or sick of what is really a rebound and leaves you for someone else


and do they have kids??? cause that just complicates things more. The kids will be upset over the divorce and they definatly wont want her dating and most people if their kids dont like the people they dont stay with them....


Dude the list goes on. At least wait till they split. Tell her the only way your goig to do anything is if she divorces him, youll be much happier and you wont feel guilty over anything. You owe it to yourself to not be used like that. You deserve someone who will be there for you not you and her husband.

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Hi cityboston,


Welcome to eNotAlone and congratulations on your hardon.


Your only problem is raging hormons me thinks. It's natural and not your fault.


Her age is great but as others said her being married is a problem. Don't break up her relationship, you also hang out with her hubby who thinks of you as a kid brother.


BTW, do they have kids?


Better be patient and persistent and keep looking for someone single.

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You should mess around with her as much as is humanly possible. That is all omg this is an awesome story. Please go for it - as much as is IN humanly possible. Just do it !


But - be responsible for your actions. If you cannot do the time don't do the crime. Heh her hubbies prolly into you too. Little bit o meat on the sandwhich never hurt anyone either. If you're into that kind of thing.

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I really don't care about the AGE thing if you are both adults. What I care about is the fact she is MARRIED. Oh, and has kids I assume.


That there to me is more than enough reason to stay away. I would say that since you don't really know "HER" you are infatuated. I would be careful about letting your hormones overrule good judgement...because I would guarantee getting involved with your neighbours wife is BAD judgement.

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She is married and she has issues. I'd stay the hell away from her. If she cheats on her husband, than she will cheat on you, unless you don't care and just want some nookie. Consider this though:


If you were in the husbands shoes, how would you like it if some kid were hanging around trying to bang your wife?

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