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He gave me his number...what now?

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OK, so I met this guy about a month and a half ago at my work...he's a customer. We started talking whenever he would come in, he invited me to a party at his place that I couldn't make it to. Well he came in today and we were chatting about the usual stuff and I mentioned I lost a phone number he gave me for a store, and that I was going to call him to get the number, but I didn't have his. So we talked for a bit more, he didn't even end up buying anything...and then he gave me his number and told me to call him if I "needed the number to the store...or anything"...and before he left he said "you should stop by for a beer sometime". I'm very interested in this guy, but don't like the pressure of me having to call him. I should have given him my number too...why didnt he ask? Well I guess I get the impression he's a little shy. Anyways, so should I call him and ask him for drink sometime this week...or is there a better approach? Or does anyone have a better suggestion? I don't want him to think I got the wrong impression if he was just looking for friendship and isn't really interested. I've never done this in my life and it's scary

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i think you should just call him and hang out with him and see where it will lead to. Also your interested in him so go for it, or not just wait for him to come by agian and then you should give him your phone number.

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Ring him and say, hi, its " insert girly name here" ... what you been upto ... nice nice good. Then tell him you've got nothing to do tonight.. and you're wondering what you're going to do. Then he'll probably say.. how about that beer. Thats what i'd say. I'm a man. Men say those kind of things.

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His reasoning is probably that he asked you to a party and you said you couldn't make it, which he may take as a sign of rejection Thusly he is throwing his number out there because he may feel that since his previous invitation wasn't accepted, he will put it on you to make the next move, since he feels he made his move.

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