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Ok, so i have been with my boyfriend almost 9 months.

I'm off to uni at the end of September and hes known this for a long time, in fact since we got together.

Now he doesnt wanna see me for almost a week and all i asked of him the other day was could we see each other as much as possible cos im gonna be away for a long time.

Now he doesnt wanna see me and im so angry and upset!

How do i get through to him?

Everything i say to him just doesnt get through to him, its seriously annoying me, the only thing my mates can say is to get rid of him and i dont want to cos i love him and i dont wanna throw 9 months away

Please give me some tips

Catie xxx

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I suspect that he is frightened of losing you and so is pulling back as a somewhat immature, knee-jerk reaction. He probably doesn't want to think about you leaving and so is trying to distance himself from the pain etc prematurely.


You need to get hold of him and have a serious talk about whether or not you two want to continue with this relationship when you go to Uni - 9 months is a respectable length of time and it's worth at least talking about. Think about how much he means to you, how far away your Uni is, how often you can see him, etc.


Also bear in mind that you will meet a bucketload of new people at Uni, and there's a high chance you'll find someone else...and that you will change as a person.

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I agree with AntiLove.


I think he's being immature. Of course he's sad about you leaving, but it's the way it's going to be and he needs to accept it. I think you need to try to get ahold of him and say that he either needs to accept it and not avoid you, or let you know if he's just not going to deal with it so that you can get on with your life.


Seriously though, if this is how he is acting BEFORE you leave, how is he going to act towards you after you leave? It will never work if he pulls things like this for the next year.


How far away are you going anyway?

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Well he then flipped it round and said he did want to see me etc etc but he seemed a little annoyed about it ( it could just be me though thinking that)


I hope to stay with him because i love him and my brother and his girlfriend have been together 3 years even surviving a year spent with him in Manchester and her in Southern Spain, so we have good role models etc


To be honest, i know i will change, but i think it'll be for the better, i think he sees me as immature and tbh, i am, im only 18 and hes 24, so there is that (even though i guess u could say that men are always immature lmao)


Sorry had to do it

Catie xxx

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It's nice to hear that some couples survive the difficulties of long distance but I think it's easier when it started as long distance than if you see each other daily, then it becomes once a month or less.


Do we ever grow up? If you saw me playing around with my daughter, you'd probably think not. On the other hand, yes, I am more wise than I was 30 years ago, although I sometimes wonder...

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