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Trusting girlfriend


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I have been going out with this girl for about over 2 years and we are engaged. My issue is a couple years ago early in our relationship I was curious what she was doing on the computer all the time. So I looked in her email ( I know thats bad) and there was an email saying I had fun emailing you at work _ I miss you _ I wish I could give u a big hug _ what else do you want me to do to you. I confronted her and she said that it was an old friend but that other than email there was nothing else and said she would stop.


We have a good relationship but this email pops into my head. Would this bother anyone else even after 2 years? Is this something to worry about?



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I know were ur coming from.. a lil thing like that used to make me never trust my gf.. You honestly need to just tell her that you TRUST her and to not break that TRUST.. And as long as nothing suspecious goes on again, you really have nothing to worry about.. thats not all that big and it happened along time ago.

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Is the engagement recent? Or the wedding coming up soon? You may be getting nervous about such a permanent commitment, just like NJRon said. Your mind is playing games with you and causing you to come up with things that are wrong, reasons to be worried or upset.


But the past is the past. One small incident from 2 years ago that proved to be nothing isn't reason to worry about the relationship you currently have. Unless she gives good reason to doubt her actions now, then things are good. Try to focus on what you have, how much you love each other.

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