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I live in a neighborhood that we are all very close, we all live close we all do everything together and we all concider one another to be family, But about a month ago one of our family had passed away due to drinking way too much and also having drugs in his system. It was and still is very hard for all of us. I am taking this really hard b/c out of everyone I was closer to him then i am to all the others. I try to go see his mom as often as i can just to see how she is doing and if she needs anything, I try to be the " Rock" of the group but sometimes its hard and i feel like i cant break down to anyone. I also have a nother problem that i dont knpw what to do about. There has alway been a problem with the boys in the group having a drinking problem and in the lst year there has also been a drug problem. I thought by everyone seeing that what my friend had died from would make them stop everything or at least cut down, But it has made them worse.. I have tried to do things like dump all the drinks down the sink, Im so afraid of losing someone else if they dont wise up.

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I'm sorry for your loss and I understand your plight. If they are your friends they need to respect your feelings on this. You buried one friend and that's enough. Tell them they need to make up there own minds as to what is more important in their world, drink/drugs or your friendship. Let them know you are not willing to stick around if their behavior continues.



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