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How do you become more energetic and awake?

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I recently started an internship for which I'll be dedicating 20 hours a week to. Since I have limited job experience, I'm usually accustomed to coming home after school and settling down with homework, etc. thereforeeee, I will now have to keep my energy levels high even after I leave school in order to do my work well at the internship.


How do you manage to stay in the groove? Usually when I get home, I'm sleepy and tired from those long lectures. I want to be energized throughout the day without finding myself spacing out or falling asleep.


Do you guys have any suggestions on what one can do to sustain a high energy level and keep their motivation to stay productive in check? I know that if I don't eat something for hours, I get weak and lethargic. So eating definitely supplies energy. But what else works? I've heard a lot about Centrum - does that work? Or what else could do the trick? (Any liquids, fruits, vitamins, etc)?

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Eating healthy is good....and a must. Eat every 3-4 hours (mini meals) to keep energy levels up.


But exercise too increases your energy levels. I would aim to fit in a workout at lunch or right after school before work for example to boost your energy levels...don't do something that will drain you, but 30-60 minutes of either cardio, weights or a mix should boost you up as long as you hydrate and eat after!


I read a recent study that showed women in Denmark whom reported fatigue showing dramatic decreases in fatigue with adding only 2-3 workouts a week even. So do what you can.


Make sure you get a good amount of sleep at night, and when you feel you are slowing down, take a quick walk to rev up again.

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Afternoons are hard on me, too. I used to skip lunch and would get really tired quickly. I eat more little meals now and take a brisk walk to get the blood going again. I also like to listen to more upbeat music in the afternoon. Try to avoid eating too much refined sugar, it usually a short high energy burst that leaves you feeling drained afterward. If you do eat breads and such at lunch, make sure they're whole grain, it takes longer for the body to digest, so the sugars are released into your system at a slower rate. Sometimes I even resort to caffeine, but from tea and not soda (too much sugar).

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Uhm.. caffeine. Probably not the best way to go, though.


Definitely eat stuff with sugar.. also, do active things when possible. Like, take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Also, you could drink ice-cold water a lot. It will keep you refreshed. Plus you'll have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom.

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Get plenty of rest. Nothing keeps a person more tired throughout the day than lack of sleep.


Eat well balanced meals that don't concentrate too heavily on starches or sugar. This can cause a yo-yo energy effect after eating.


Drinking plenty of water is a must.


Exercise; Running, cardio, weight lifting... All very benificial to the body and energy levels. Some studies say that certain types of exercise can keep your metabolism up for a long time after you've left the gym.


Multi-vitamins that have high levels of the B-complex can help with metabolism and energy levels. It's not a cure all, but it is good if your diet is lacking in the fruits and vegetables department.


Nothing keeps your energy levels up as much as optimism. Keeping a smile, and being positive has a very profound impact on your day.

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