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Letting Go (One Day I Will)


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It's not really a poem as such. More a spoken word song, if you know what I mean. Sort of like Wickerman by Pulp (if anyone knows that, or Pulp have done quite a few spoken word tracks.).

Erm, don't really know why I'm posting this. There's some good stuff on here and this isn't really like any of the others but what the hell.


It happened a while ago but I remember every bit.

Waking up, the slight crack in the ceiling above your bed.

The missing handle on the wardrobe door by the window.

The chimes of the ice-cream van passing.

"Who wants ice-cream in November?" I thought,

"maybe he sells drugs too".

I rolled over, saw the outline of your back,

and then, the night before was there, replaying in my mind.

Sitting in your front room I told you you were beautiful,

you called me crazy in the head,

but you are, you're beautiful,

really * * * *ing beautiful.

I kissed you and the way you kissed me back I knew,

I knew that everything I'd wanted since I first met you was about to happen.

You took my hand in yours and

the third stair creaked as you led me to your room.

At that moment it was like a train speeding towards another on the same track.

My life building up to this one moment, then, Bang!.......

I saw you with him the other day.

You looked happy, and I was kinda glad you were happy.

He's a pretty boy though and I think to him you're just another girl.

To me you were special as hell.

If I'd known that kiss, on your doorstep that next morning,

you in your dressing gown, me in last nights clothes,

if I 'd have known that was our last,

I'd have made it last forever.

But maybe it wasn't all hearts and flowers,

maybe it was something dirty,

but I thought it felt right

and you seemed like you did too.

I hope he tells you that you're beautiful.

I hope he tells you that many times that you realise

it's you that's crazy for not knowing.

One day I might meet someone who feels for me what I feel for you.

When I do I'll try, and hopefully their face will replace yours in my mind.

'til then I'm waiting, with you inside my head,

not all the time, a prescription from the ice cream man blanks you out,

or a few pints down the local with the boys.

But you always come back though, and I'm always waiting,

waiting for you to realise, maybe we could have something.

I've been waiting,

I still am,

but I can't wait forever.

Oh no, I won't wait forever.



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