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hello everyone.

my boyfriend is convinced that i am allergic to chocolate. (i don't think i have any alergies)

my stomach doesn't always agree with everythign especially alot of milk, icecream, or chocolate. some days i can have them all fine but others if i smell chocolate i feel sick. does anyone know if this come be anythgin serious or is it really nothign to worry about. (i'm not worried but ya i was just wondering)


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Well, too much of anything rich like ice cream or chocolate or milk will have you feeling pretty ill!


I don't think it would be an allergy, but you may just have an intolerance (like lactose intolerance) for the dairy or sugar that these items can contain, and you should only consume them in small quantities anyway since they are rich and full of sugar and fats.


But again too much of anything like that will have you feeling rather icky!

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when i eat them i don't have alot, it takes me 3 days to eat a full chocolate bar on a good day, and i have a glass of milk usually everyday or so but i don't have much, i don't know apparently last time i ate somethign chocolate my b/f also said i got a rash on my neck/throught.

you may be right thanks


You can also consider seeing a doctor for allergy testing.


There are also milks out there that are for people with lactose intolerance, and things you can eat before to reduce lactose reactions. Also, things like yogurt tend to not cause that reaction.

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Definitely talk to your doctor,....the first thing I thought to was lactose intolerant, but that wouldnt give you a rash on your throat I dont think. Maybe its a little combination of both. Try drinking lactaid and see if that gives you the same effect milk does.

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