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Glad I found this website to release my frustrations...

My summer relationship ended with my ex admitting that

he met someone else , but did'nt want to lose my friendship.


I don't make it a practice to be friends with ex-boyfriends.

I was hurt, but I was open and willing to try because he was

honest and I truly enjoyed his company.


He called before the holidays, just to catch up. Nice boost.

I felt good...I still crossed his mind sometimes.


He called last week to tell me the girl is nuts and it's over.

I laughed and said it was kinda hard to feel sorry for him.

We laughed and joked about his drama.

He asked me to dinner, I agreed, but he had to cancel and

asked for a raincheck. It was no surprise to me.


This tells me I'm still infatuated. I'm disappointed in myself. I definitely don't want to be the "rebound girl".

I don't expect to hear from him soon, but just in case, What do I do?

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Leave it alone.


I agree with venus777.


Actually, don't answer the next call.


My guess is that it's a comfort thing (his body, voice, old memories, random happiness,etc)


Keep sucking it up. You're not infatuated. Just pulled back a bit.


Good Luck!

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