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Really Confused/ Mixed Signals

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In my other post explained how me and my g/f were togethor for 3 years and broke up 2 months ago. Well i called her the other day and she actually agreed to meet up with me. I just dont know what to feel in this situation. I know i still love her, and she says she doesnt love me anymore. I guess im scared to meet her cause i dont know the reason on why she is willing to meet me all of a sudden.

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Dont think about it to much. She probably just wants to see you b/c 3 years is a long time. It doesnt mean she wants you back. You need to not talk about the relationship unless she brings it up. Do you know why you two broke up? What have you done to better yourself? She still cares about you and probably wants to be your friend right now.

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Actually we broke up for a pretty stupid reason, and the sad part about it is that its my fault. But i have spent almost a month trying to make it up to her, but all i got was the cold shoulder Honestly to make myself better i have joined a gym, and am just trying to keep myself busy. And to be honest nothing has worked i dont know why but everyday i miss her more and more.


If you still love her and arent over her... dont meet her.


Seriously.. bad move


Thats where im confused... i give myself this hope that she wants to get back togethor or be friends. why else would she meet me?

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Who knows what she wants and its better if you dont think about it. You are just friends right now. You need to show her, not tell her you have changed. If she brings any of your faults up, listen to her and agree. Do not become defensive. Just listen. You really need to ask yourself if you can control your emotions. Also, NO ALCOHOL.

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Oh, and you have to ask yourself, do you really want to be friends with her? Could you handle it if she started telling you all about the new guy she has?


I believe at this point right now i rather have her in my life in some way than not have her in any way. But then again im confused and hurt on this whole situation.....

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Having her in your life right now might not be the ideal solution.


Sometimes people need to spend time apart, that might be a risk you can gamble on... at this point, what do you have to lose?



Makes sense just not sure if im strong enough.... And i actually am scared to lose contact with her.... just for the simple face i believe she still loves me and is just mad at me for the moment.

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I think that in the world of break ups, you have to take care of yourself. This is one of the few times in life that you have a right to be think about yourself and your own wellbeing. I know you've heard the expression quit cold turkey and thats kind of whats happening to you, now you have to heal, the pain may take a while to subside but if you dwell in the pass, it may never go away. I'm not saying you should'nt try to salvage your realationship but you should be prepared to accept that she might never come back.

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