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  1. First rule of thumb, don't get nervous. You know this girl, you have hung out with her for the last 4 months so your doing something right. Don't try to move to fast and just play it cool. At the end of the night go for a kiss and thats it. Have fun and good luck.
  2. Confidence can come from many things. One, be proud of the accomplishments you have in life. Even small accomplishments you should be proud of because you did them. Confidence can even come from failing at something. What I mean by this is that you may have failed but at least you tried. There are many people in this world that are scared to even try. Be proud that you gave it your best. Confidence can come from knowledge, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being ok with them. Confidence can come from knowing that no one is perfect, not even that amazing looking girl at the bar. My confidence came from doing things that I was always afraid of doing and just letting go of my fears. I became more confident when I started to analyze myself and work on my faults as best as I could. I gained confidence by surrounding myself with great friends, a great family. I have a great job, moved out of my parents house, just bought a townhome, and generally doing things that I used to be afraid to do because there was risk involved. I also gained confidence in doing the right thing when it needs to be done and taking responsibility for my actions. Mainly, be proud of who you are.
  3. You did the right thing for you, except I would have avoided the long message you sent her telling her how awesome she is and that she doesnt need you. You deserve to be happy and if being her friend hurts you, then the obvious thing to do is get rid of the thing that hurts you. That doesnt mean that you will never talk to her again. After some time, after you have healed, after you have moved on, you can be friends again but not a moment sooner.
  4. Usually a birthday wish doesnt mean much. My ex still wishes me a happy birthday and even sent me a card for Christmas. Your ex was just being friendly since you did break up ambically. Now this doesn't mean this is why he did it, but you shouldn't get your hopes up because it does nothing except hurt you in the long run. How should you respond? It depends on if you want to move on or if you want him back. Do nothing if you want to move on but if you want him back, I would respond with a thank you and maybe a "how have you been". Then you will have to wait to see what he does. But tread carefully and remember, anything short of, "I made a mistake and I want you back", means nothing.
  5. DONT TEXT HER BACK!!!! I was in your situation 1.5 years ago and I know exactly how you feel, what you are thinking. I know that no matter what we say, you are going to do whatever you want but im telling you, dont do it. Listen to us and don't text her back. If you want her back, let her miss you, be challenging. Make her wonder what you are doing, who you are with. When a woman breaks up with you for no good reason, its because you became a wuss and she lost her attraction for you. If you act like a little child then there is no way you are going to get her back. Show her you are a man and you dont need her, maybe this will cause her to think.
  6. Yes, I would also like to give Thanks. You helped me out a lot more than you will probably ever know.
  7. Its one thing to do it as a joke and you had no intention of actually getting nakes for money. I flirt with girls like that all the time, it has no meaning and its just for fun. I don't think Steve has a good sense of humor. What I wonder is why he even cares. My ex-girlfriend had lots of guy friends and they did stuff like this all the time and it never bothered me so it shouldn't bother him when you aren't even dating. PLUS they are you friends, not some random guy.
  8. Men should read your post because its one reason women love men who are confident. A confident man will go for what he wants. Go and ask out the girl, the worst thing that can happen is you don't and you could have met an amazing person. Her saying "no" is not the worst thing that can happen. The fact that you never tried is the worst. Also, tell your friend to go and read diggitydoggs post on this site. Its in his signature and have him read it 5 times until it hits him. Then maybe have him read some of his other posts too.
  9. The only problem with going from friendship to a relationship is that if it doesn't work out, you might lose the friendship so make sure its worth it. My relationships evolved from friendship, but they weren't close friendships, i.e. we weren't best friend type friends. After we broke up the friendship died. However, I am slowly becoming friends with my last girlfriend again. However it has taken 1.5 years since the breakup. It is possible.
  10. What GottaLetItBurn said is completely true. When you start analyzing your actions around a girl is when you start to screw up even more. You become careful and women can see right through you. Seriously, dont care about what you say or do, obviously there are things you dont want to say, like talk about her weight or about other women, just use common sense. Dont talk about things you wouldnt talk to your good girl friend about. Start having fun, make fun of her, act like she wants you and then point it out. I was like you with this girl and I asked her out and she turned me down. However, now, after 3 months, I treat her like she wants me, I flirt, make fun of her, and our relationship is completely different. She now wants to hang out with me, I say things to her that I used to not say because I thought I would offend her. Basically, let her know you are a man and you are not scared to show the world you are a man. Once you start caring is when everything starts to go downhill.
  11. Well, you have one problem, you work with her. Now, I guess it matters on how old you are and where you work. If this is a job you just have b/c you need some money, ask her out on a date. If this is a professional type of a job that you need to have b/c you have a mortgage/rent, bills to pay, I would stay away from this one until one of you quits. This doesnt mean you can't be friends. The only way you will know she is interested is if you ask her out on a date and make sure you use the word date otherwise she might just think you two are going out as friends.
  12. Breakups are one of the worst ways in learning to become a man. It sucks but you will become 100x stronger. I was in the same position 1.5 years ago. I was pathetic, a sorry excuse for a man, but it toughened me up and it has prepared me for the world. Life is hard and the sooner we learn to deal with it, the better off we are. Its funny that I see my breakup as the best thing that has ever happened to me now. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat them again.
  13. I think before you start looking for a woman, you need to do something about your negativity and self doubt. Your not getting women because you have no confidence. You talk about yourself like your some troll that a woman wouldnt even want. That is not how a confident man talks. Maybe you should start working out, meeting new people, going out and trying things. Don't have the attitude that you arent going to try something new b/c you are just screwing yourself. Your first step shouldnt be where can I find women. Your first step should be about you. Make yourself feel better, make new friends, do new things, start working out. Negativity is not going to get you anywhere except this forum where everyone will say the same things im saying. In your analogy, you havent been cut from the team. You are trying to get on and play without practising and trying out. Bring up your self esteem, your confidence and then women will naturally flock to you. Oh yeah, women hate downers. They like guys that are fun to be around. Become that guy, it wont happen overnight so be patient.
  14. You can block it on Internet Explorer I believe but you will have to put in a password. Or you can delete your myspace account.
  15. A woman should not be able to smell your cologne unless she is extremly close to you. I use Aqua di Gio and it drives women crazy. In college girls used to come over and just smell me, it was hilarious. Cologne use should be very light. Usually I have found that women sometimes just love our natural smell but that doesnt mean you should start not taking showers lol.
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