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Pee during orgasm?!?!

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i recently started using a powerful vibrator that really gets me to have orgasms (first time i actually used a vibrator). But, sometimes i pee at the same time i orgasm when i use it. I NEVER pee'd before when i got an orgasm by a guy but currently sometimes using this vibrator i do pee. could it be the vibrator itself and its powerful vibrations in/on my clitoris? (note: i use the vibrator only in/on my clitoris and not in the hole i have sex in). i didnt get an orgasm from my b/f since i have used the vibrator so i can't really tell if the same thing is going to happen when my b/f gives me an orgasm (HOPEFULLY NOT! LOL). is this normal to pee during getting an orgasm from a vibrator?

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Are you sure it's urine, and not just female ejaculate? Many women do "ejaculate" a clear fluid when they orgasm. Does it smell like urine, or is it colourless, and even kind of sticky?


Anyway, it can happen even with orgasms with men, but I have yet to meet or talk to a man whom is turned off by that kind of thing.


One other thing "that hole that you have sex in" is called a vagina...

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I have many sick male friends. Whilst i have never had this happen to me the guys call it the waterfall. It's not urine, it is the female ejaculation and women think they are peeing because it shoots out with great force.


One of my friends showed me a text download where the women pee-ed about 2 foot. lol, it looked really strange, so if this is what is happening to you it's not pee, it is just ejaculation.

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Don't worry, it sounds like its just female ejaculation. Consider yourself lucky.


i can't really tell if the same thing is going to happen when my b/f gives me an orgasm (HOPEFULLY NOT! LOL)


Some men die for it, and if they know you're capable of it, they almsot feel as if the sex act is incomplete unless it happens. The only annoyance is that you have to change the sheets much more often.



the women pee-ed about 2 foot


While that's quite impressive, I doesn't have to travel that far for it to be a "female ejaculation". lol




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You can get a lot of pressure on your bladder when having sex or using a vibrator and sometimes the sensation of a vibrator can relax your bladder muscles as well!


Just make sure you go to the toilet before and after you use it, to prevent it.


I thought when you are in the process of an orgasm and organ or something of that kind actually supresses the bladder from releasing urine?

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