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  1. UPDATE! well i just saw my boyfriend yesterday (like i said i see him around once a week) and i think he catched on to the concept of my obsession for him... i chose not to go naywhere because i wanted to be alone with him in his house and so we did i found myself literally staring at him and clinged on to him for the 4 hours i was there.. he kept telling me to stop it cuz he needed some room to breathe and he told me its a very awkward feeling for someone to be observing him an inch away from his face, he told me its not normal to do such things and other crap...he was like "sometimes you can do it when my attention is awayfrom something but c'mon when im watching tv youre observing me??"..the whole time i was with him my mouth muscles were locked into smiles i felt like i was a whole when i saw him yesterday.. but i felt very sad that i got rejected by him all i wanted to do was to be close to him as possible as much as i wanted to .. its so funny how the whole week i looked like crap and yesterday i looked so good even though we were not going anywhere but the image for him is what is important.. i only realize i have beauty when i see him cuz i try to look good for only him
  2. these are feeling and emotions i dont expose to him.. i told him im obsessive its not like he realized on his own.. and soemone commented on that i dont really love him its just obsessed but its not true . i would do things to sacrifice my happines just for him to be happy even if its means im misrerable, if he is happy im happy but along this love there is an obsession as well which i have. i am very dependant on him for my happiness in my life..but im thankful that im not obsessed over a jerk i have a reason to be obssesed with this guy due to his caring heart. if he was a jerk im not sure i would be obsessed over him.. and another person posted something about getting a book that would be benficial to read in the situtation im going for.. but that book is about when ur obssessed over someone and its hard to let go.. why would iw ant to let go of him? that would be the STUPIDEST thing i would do in my life, cuz like i said this guy is the sweetest guy i know and i think that is why im obssesed over him
  3. after browsing this site i noticed that a lot of people are posting problems about their mate's behavior but this is different this is a probelm i have with my love and it goes like this.. i have been dating this guy for about 2 years and he is absolutely wonderful, a girl cant ask for a better guy he has everything looks, caring heart, masculinity.... etc basically the whole package.. the more i got to know him the more i fell in love with him and eventually became obsessed over him.. i see him around once a week cuz he is very busy so the days i dont see him im completely depressed i feel worthless i dont even feel like looking nice when im not with him because i dont want to impress anyone, i think to myself "why should i look nice if im not going to see him" and i know what you are thinking of "you should do it for yourself" but i dont need to cuz i KNOW i can look good if i wanted to in minutes.. i just choose to match my looks with my mood...i think about him 24/7 literally! basically the feeling i feel when im not with him is like detaching twin babies head on head.. i can ONLY masterbate and get turned on to him by looking at his picture (if im not with him) nothing and no one else can turn me on even if the hottest guy was standing next to me shirtless all dieseled up. i am disgusted by every guy who is not him and even found myself to be very rude to them cuz of that. i realized that my life revolves only around him and recently something weird happened this little phase im going through i realized gotten worse when lately i cry my eyes out almost everyday as a result of how much i love him (mainly) and what a great guy im lucky to have. Now since this has gotten worse, everytime i see him i get so nervous, butterflies in my stomach, sweating., stuttering, cant stop smiling,..etc... its like he takes me away to a world of bliss. i love to stare at his beatiful face, i even found myself at a place we were eating me drooling looking at him i dont know how god made a guy who is so good looking with such a good heart usually guys who look so go od are such jerks ..i elimintaed SO MANY people out of my life that were pointless people to be friends with its like he is the only one i have in my life (he feels the same way) my bf is my best friend and im comfortable to do and say ANYTHING in front of him,.. everytime he is in a bad mood i feel what he feels... i even have a little shrine of him hidden in my closet where i save his gum (i have like 30 of them), collect pieces of his hair from my pillow.. anything that is part of him i save.. i swallow his cum because of this psychological thought that i have that his sperm will swim inside my body thereforeeee its like he is inside of me, i NEVER have sex with a condom because i need him to be inside of me raw in order for me to feel aroused (sex with him for me is all emotions, very little physical.... i think about my feelings for him when we have sex which makes me orgasm i dont care much of the physical pleasure)..im scared to even imagine what would i would do to myself if we broke up i never experienced that becasue we have such a good serious relantionship and always work things out... its so funny how today when i was with him even though i felt nervous to be around him cuz i love him so much (which i shouldnt be nervous about) i felt like a whole person and actually worth sometihng but as soon as i came out of his car its like half of my soul vanished away because we split our ways. my bf knows im obsessed over him cuz i told him but he does not know HOW obsessed i really am over him. he thinks its "cute" and laughs cuz he does not really know what goes on in my head lol.... its SO HARD to put in words how really obsessed i am over him *sigh* even after reading what i jsut wrote it still does not sound how obsessive i actually really am.. well from what you read.. what do you think ? do you think this is normal?
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