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"Another" poem


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Mustering In me the strength to speak my mind,

I hesitate, waver, my words hanging thinly in the air,

Fear of what? I challenge myself.

Fear of being rejected? But wha-wha-what?

If my words coming from my tongue, coming from the breath in my lungs, from the pulse in my soul, if those words result in my impending Rejection

Well then, would I ever be accepted or would I, would I be swallowing Unacceptance,

Silence, letting myself become the weaker half of who I Am.

And I know, from being beaten down, that Love is not from without

But from within, and does not depend on the words of love From another


But from my love For another.


And my, my breath is caught, stuck, frozen in my throat,

Fear of, of making demands on another and

Trampling the freedom to be who they are, but, but

All I want is to Know You. For you to share with me Your thoughts,

For you to scream at me Your passions, Your hatred, Your anger, Your love, Your sorrow,

For you to **** me with your words, your eyes, your lips

The expression on your face.



I am grown enough woman by now to know


To have felt its sharp edges with my finger tips.

I am intuitive enough woman by now to know

The illusions I weave with my own dreams.

I am strong enough woman by now to know

That pain is the bridge we cross to wisdom

And that no words could Ever do me permanent harm.

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