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Should I get serious?

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Am I wrong to want to be with my best friend, even though he sorta has a girlfriend. I am really attracted to him, and he and his girlfriend are ending their relationship. Am I wrong to want to be with him? I don't want to look as though I"m the one forcing them to break up. Him and I have gotten along quite well, and we are attracted to each other, but I don't want her to be angry with me cause of my feelings for him. Her and I are good friends too, but I really like this guy. Should I stay away or what? I started seeing another guy but the relationship with him isn't working and I need to break it off. Deep down inside I really want to be with my best friend, and I know he wants to be with me, but what about my friendship with her. I know that they want to remain friends still, but how would I look if I got serious with him? Please give me some advice!!

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Stay away from your best friend until he has gotten over his current girlfriend. It's not a good idea to get in while he is going through a breakup.


There is nothing wrong with liking the same guy as someone else, as long as you don't make her feel like you are "stealing" him away from her... give it all time!


Ditto! Let the breakup happen naturally. When it is over, maybe give him some time to grieve, if he's into you two, things will happen.


good luck

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hi ,


well if he is happy with her gf now.. you cant tell him ur feelings now.. u dont wanna be the one to ruin thier relationship.. just wait when you find that telling him how u feel is the best thing.. until he dont like the girl he is with now and since they are together NOW.. u dont have the right to tell him anything now.. if it is ending.. then wait when it ends..


Also if he wants to be with you and he finds u the best for him.. he will let it happen.. If he is happy with her then forget about it now.. GoodLuck

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His girlfriend is your friend.


Don't you think that's over the line and an inappropriate thing to do to her since you are supposed to be her friend?


How would you feel if you really loved your guy and your supposed friend moved on and went out with him after you broke up? Even if you weren't the cause of the breakup, I would say out of loyalty to your friend, you should stay away from her bf (possible ex).


I would never do that to any of my friends, and if one of them did it to me, I'd be totally disgusted.


Maybe in a few years after she is totally over him, but you are basically hawking around, waiting for them to break up.


It's just bad etiquette.

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It's a big risk you are wanting to take here. Not only will you most likely lose the friendship with his g/f, but you also risk losing your friendship with him. Falling for friends are always a tricky business, and don't always work out. I lost my best friend in the entire world this way. Make sure this is what you both want, and not just some infatuation. You need to way the consequences. You might find the love of your life, or end up with not one, but two lost friends!

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