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got a date with a cutie, Help me my cooking sucks


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i would go to a really good restarunt and then put it on plates and act like i cooked it then in the middle when she says how good it is tell her you suick at cooking and you went to go get soemthing she will thinks its cute that you went through all that trouble i know i would. tell her you didnt want to scare her off bc youliked her and you will cook for her on the next date.

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Go to Food Network's website link removed, and look at the recipe lists for the shows "30 Minute Meals" or "How To Boil Water"


30 Minute Meals is geared toward dishes that are quick to fix, and because of that they tend to be easy to prepare.


How To Boil Water is a show geared toward beginning cooks who are just learning their way around a kitchen.


Good Host Tip: Be sure to ask about food allergies/preferences before you plan a menu. Nothing worse than planning out a dinner only to find out your guest(s) are allergic to key ingredients, don't care for key ingredients or have religious restrictions against eating certain things.

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Try Spaghetti Bolognese. Even I can do that and I'm hopeless at cooking. I was at school.


All you need is Spaghetti, pre-packed or fresh mincemeat and a jar of bolognese sauce.


I cheat and pour boiling water out of the kettle onto the spaghetti that makes it cook faster. You put the mincemeat in a frying pan with a little oil and keep turning it until it all changes colour. And you just heat the bolognese sauce.




Is she a vegetarian?



Hope everything goes well.


Good luck.

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Pasta is a good idea. Pasta cooks in boiling water in about 15 minutes but you can make sure by trying some and checking if its soft before you take it out. Buy some fancy pasta sauce and that will be fine...

Make sure you stir the pasta every now and then to stop it sticking to the pan...


Alternatively Chilli is an easy thing to make, you can pick up mixes for that at the supermarket that do most of the work for you all you need to do is brown the minced beef and throw in some onion and peppers..

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If all else fails, most grocery stores in the deli area now have pre-cooked or assembled things. Like lasagnas/pastas they made in store and just need you to pop in the oven. Add a salad, ta-da! You can also buy garlic bread that just needs to be put in oven too.

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I disagree with lillady don't grill steaks because a lot of peopel have very specific preferences about how they like their steaks or if they do at all. Plus past is easy and everyone loves pasta, well almost everyone. Also if you want to impress her for not a lot of effort make apple crumble. It's extremely easy but it tastes and looks like its hard. Look for recipes online or even better get a copy of the joy of cooking and use the recipe in their generally the instructions are simple and very easy to follow. This book is also so popular you can check it out at almost every library on the face of the earth.

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yeah i like the idea of pasta and just buying a good jar sauce. i was thinking of adding shrimp. like a shrimp pasta or something like that. thanks for the ideas. oh, someone answer this please what kind of wine goes with pasta white or red?


I prefer red with anything almost except fish and some chicken....but some people don't like red with ANYTHING at all as they don't like taste, and like white.


I'd get one of each, and ask her what she would prefer before opening the bottle to breathe, or chilling it.


Besides, if you have an extra bottle, you can always use it another evening.

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Make sure you ask her about allergies!! ESPECIALLY SHELLFISH!!! Are you sure she drinks wine/alcohol? Have a backup, just in case...


Most of all, have fun!! ;-) Don't worry, I screwed up the first dinner I ever cooked for a woman, and she married me anyway... ;-)


It is the thought, the time, the effort... that is what is left in her mind and heart....

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Well, I personally don't think what I'm about to suggest is a hard thing to make, you just have to watch what you're doing and it's quite romantic


Cheese fondue.


this isprobably the easiest thing in the world to make


1 clove garlic

about 1 pound of Emmentaller cheese

A good dry white wine, 2 cups I believe

Kirschvasser (cherry brandy)



Cut the garlic in half after peeling it and rub a large pot with it. As the clove dries out, cut a little bit off it and continue rubbing until you've rubbed the bottom and all the sides.


Grate the cheese into stringy bits on one side of a cheese grater.


Pour 2 cups wine into the pot and heat on med-high until the wine is covered with little bubble but isn't boiling


Begin adding the cheese slowly but make sure you stir constantly. When you begin to feel resistance on the spoon, add the following: a mixture of 3 tablespoons Kirsch and 1 tbs cornstarch. Stir vigoruosly now until the mixture gets nice and thick.


If you have a fondue pot, have it ready. otherwise, try and get a hot plate and just put the pot on it on the table. Serve with one-day old French baguette, cubed


Recipe paraphrased and courtesy of Joy of Cooking



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Why don't you also include a cake? Buy a Betty Crocker cake mix and bake her a cake! Dec it out with some strawberries.


One of my former dates did that, and I thought it was quite cute! If you have a Foreman grill, according to him, it was a lifesaver. I don't know any single guy who does not have a George Foreman grill. lol Steak would be nice. Or, why not grilled salmon with asparagus? Salmon is really easy to cook. If you're not a pro in the kitchen, you can also buy potato spuds and whip up some mashed potatoes. Throw in some grilled squash and zuccini with it. Buy ready made salad, and toss it up with some exotic salad dressing. Total time it costs to prepare, I say ~about 20 minutes, Total cost ~ $30. Plus, a salmon dinner + salad is also very healthy.


Serve your food on white plates; it will automatically look like a gourmet dinner. Enjoy!

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