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changed my phone number.too drastic?

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my ex keeps calling.(we live in differnat cities) it hurts

to talk to him because he doesn't want to get back together but I do and we both know it. he calls because he is lonely and depressed and all that and wants me to tell him the things that make him feel better.


making him feel better baout being broken up makes me feel worse and I usually end up crying and in bad shape when we hang up. and he ends up feeling better. happy when I'm sad-sad when I'm happy.


so I got my phone number changed. I got my email changed.


please leave me a comment. even if it's short. I need to know if I should call him and tell him that I got it changed or just let him figure it out himself.or if this whole thing is a bad idea.

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It's perfectly adequate.


You are broken up now - support is a benefit that comes from friends and partners. You were quite right to cut the ties.

It's up to you whether you phone/email him to tell him that you changed your details - but it's not necessary.

Be aware that he may try and coax your new details from you; but stay strong - this is about you. And quite rightly so.


You have to start thinking of yourself and less about him.

Well done for taking the first steps to recovery.

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In your case, I might send an email from something I don't check regularly or a real letter (snailmail), to let him know that you changed it because you cannot be there right now to support him, maybe someday, but not now.


Otherwise, he'll figure it out. Do what you need to do.

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It's very normal to feel the way you do. Usually after breaking up, someone needs to have time to themselves and not have contact with the ex.


What you do is your choice. I'm actually glad that you were strong enough to stop the contact. It's for your own health. Sometimes people don't want to stop the contact even though it is doing more bad than good for them. So, you were really strong for realizing what was good for you.


I would say to not call him. You are no longer a part of each other's lives and you really need this space. Don't worry about him.. he was sort of just being selfish by calling you and wanting you to make him feel better. You know that. Just move on with your life.

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