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Can your first date get any worse?


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I posted this in another ongoing thread, but i thought id put it here also.


Well, we went out tonight and it was a mess..She was 35 min. late to get home while im sitting in her driveway, i thought it was going to be another cancelled-at-the-last-minute date but she finally did show up after i called her saying she was stuck in traffic. then while we are looking for a parking space at the theatre, another guy called her and talked to her while i was holding the doors for her into the theatre. Then I go get popcorn and come back, the guy is there with her in the other seat! i was like *beep*? Then after the movie he follows us, or i should say i followed them all the way to the restroom before i took her home, he said to her, "lets go see another movie" "i just got off work" "I just got finished working out".... and she said, "oh stop" He even asked for a ride accross the parking lot to his car!

i should have just pulled up a seat, and some popcorn and watched the action between these two.


I really didint know what to do, Since there were cops standing around i didnt want to get say very much infront of him so I was like, is she going home with me or you? They both were like "it dosent matter"


This is the same guy that was hanging off of her when we previously first met in public that my sisters swear she didnt like. And she asked me infront of him that she would like to come to my house some day since she already knew my sisters.

Thread: [link removed girl that flirts with multiple guys


Does she have a tracking device on her or somthing? Is he on-call 24/7 for her?


Someone needs to make a reality TV show about my dating life..


Oh well just had to vent and stop my head from spinning.

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Ditch her - she is as bad as the other guy. She should have told him to get lost because she was out with you. Since she didn't do that she is rude and inconsiderate. Even if she was attracted to you, and I.m sorry to say it doesn't seem as if she is, it would still be unacceptable behaviour.

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Someone needs to make a reality TV show about my dating life..
And you're not kidding!


That is really, very sickening.


Well done for keeping your temper!! I don't know if I could have.


Do Not Even Have Second Thoughts of This Girl!


Get out and meet a girl that is happy and single without strings.

This was a one-off thing (hopefully!) So don't be scared about dating other women.


Good Luck.

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Oh i did. Today got invited out to 6flags by someone else and she and the guy were there too. She asked why i was so quiet and was I always like this....


I feel like im dealing with a bunch of kids that do not want to try out relationships and just want to hang out in groups. Yea I met some nice girls there in the group but i figured i better just let them make the moves so i dont feel like im the only one trying to "make the moves"

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I shrugged my shoulders and said because theres nothing to talk about.


I was so pissed because I frankly didnt like standing in line to ride a ride, hungry and pay $3 for a drink while these pretty girls stand around and I cant connect with them more than "how did you like the ride?" I dunno maybe im just too straightforward.

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Ya , I read your previous post "A girl that flirts with multiple guys" .


I NEVER take girls like this seriously . I have a co-worker that's like that . She flirts with EVERY guy she meets ( even her 50 yr old married male clients *shrugs* ). She has a very open very bubbley personality . Talks to anyone about everything . Drools over every half decent looking guy she meets etc . A girl like this is nice to have as a friend but nothing more .


You should still go out with your friends etc . Just more or less keep the conversation between you and this "girl" very basic . Chat with every girl you find attractive there . If convo is a problem start looking at currents events . Talk about experiences you have had in your life . Places you've been etc .


I know this incident may make you feel more anti-social but don't give up . Don't wait for the girl to make the move . You have to start up a convo . Go out there and meet more girls ! ! !

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