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remember a while ago i questioned if my best friend james was gay.,.... well guess what, today he said to me "i feel sorry for gays because they cant have children" (im not trying to be mean to any gays.) but so happy, because maybe now i could be with him


just wanted to tell u that

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I don't think that would necessarily mean he is NOT gay...it may even be a way to feel out how you feel about homosexuality by seeing how you react to that, or a comment about how he does feel sorry for them, and him as well included in that but he did not want to let you know he felt sorry for himself too as part of that.



By the way, gays can have children. I know gay partners that have had surrogate mothers or adopted children.

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Yeah- sorry Steff but this isn't really definitive proof. I'm gay- when I was younger I was deathly afraid of being outed, and I found that the most effective defense was to talk about gay people as though they didn't include me- I'd say things exactly like James said. I'd also joke gently about gay people and gay mannerisims and so forth.


Can I ask what makes you think he's gay? Have you asked him straightforwardly? This is the only sure way to find out.

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