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phone conversations.

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Hey, my friend was supposed to come over tonight for my birthday but he didnt because he went the the movies with 2 girls he has never met before. He is 14 years old, and i just turned 16, he is turning 15 next week. He knows about the surprise party i was throwing him, but he cant even make it to my birthday. The 2 girls he is with are 17 and 18 years old and he went to the movies with them and met them there. One of the girls called me asking where I was at saying that "this would bea night to remember" if i were there. I think you know what that means....


then my friend gets on the phone and asks where I am at.... 1st of all im dating a girl already, the 1st girl ive dated in a year and a half. And he asks me to cheat on her with these 2 girls that are even older than I am! He got relaly mad that i wouldnt go. I think he lied to his mom and dad about who he was meeting out at the movies anyways, because they are very strict on him, and i know they wouldnt let him go with 2 girls that old. He was wanting me to meet them at 2pm today, bowl some, and get in the car with one of the girls who would be drunk. I dont know these girls! No way i could do that, and now he is mad at me and acting like i need to loosen up and have some fun. What should i do about this?


And the big thing I wanted to ask was, i need a way to record our phone conversations, these 2 girls he went with are big time slussies. (garden tools) and are very dirty, they have had sex with over 15 different people and if my friends parents knew about this his life would probably be over. So how can i record our phone conversations? Please any ideas.


i wanst sure which section to put this in.. it has to do with a lot of things.

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Was this the same friend you were having problems with in previous posts? Just wondering.


First and foremost on the situation he doesn't sound like much of a friend whether it is indeed the one you spoke of before or a different one. He doesn't seem interested in the obligation he had to spend time with you.


Secondly he is out with girls which by the sounds are just going to lead him into more trouble than he can handle. If it isn't bad enough with the sex possibility at his age, you stated something about at least one being drunk. Does he have no comprehension of what consequences could occur under all these circumstances?


Seriously though, don't listen to him about the loosening up -junk- because that is all it is. You don't want to stoop down to his level, it makes you a better person showing you have self control over the situation and he himself is just going to end up seeing the foolish decisions and results in the end. Further, I'm pleased about your decision to not cheat on your gf and make the best choice, no matter what he says you'll be happier.


Thirdly, I'm sure there is someway to record phone conversations but as for the how-to on that topic, I'm sorry to say I don't have advice or even a clue honestly.

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This friend is a year younger than you, and it really shows - you act far more mature. He is the kind of friend your parents would probably want you to stay away from if they knew, because of bad influences. But you figured out yourself already that he is walking a wrong path - keep your guards up and make sure he does not drag you along. It is wise to keep some distance and not hang out with him too much.


You want to record your friend's phone conversations and give them to his parents - is that because you care about him, or because you are angry with him for not coming to your birthday party? I understand that you are angry, but don't tell on him because of that, it is childish and you will regret it later.


If you care for your friend and what will happen to him, maybe you can involve another adult before telling his parents. Like an older brother, an older friend, a school counsellor. Someone your friend might listen too and at the same time not have two angry and worried parents on his back.


Happy 16th birthday!

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