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How to read her responces


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Edit: If you're going to read this, please respond.



Okay, so I told this girl I liked her over the phone. We've been friends, but I had a feeling she liked me too. In order to maintain the relationship (as friends) in the event that she -didn't- like me, I made sure to keep it light, and not be all "heavy" and "serious" about it when I told her, plus, I think she's clever enough to have already known what I felt about her -way- before this. So I tell her, and she was obviously happy, I could tell she was smiling. Then she giggles a bit, I was nervous as hell, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "I already feel stupid, no need to laugh at me!" (jokingly). She says "It's alright". Then she tells me that she's really tired and that she has to work really early in the morning. We say our goodbyes, and hang up.


I'm so bloody confused right now! >_




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I think...you shouldn't have told her...anyways, it's too late...You'll find out tomorrow, there's nothing hidden in her response, but more than likely I do not think she feels the same way. Other than that, stop stressing, there's no one on this site that can tell you how she feels or interpret it, just wait till tomorrow and get some sleep.

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hey man, it sounds like she's interested. I mean, she didn't turn cold or anything nor say she didn't feel the same. Laughter is always a good sign. I'd say the future looks bright. Hope it all works out for you.





I think that letting her know wasn't a bad decision. The whole to tell or not to tell or how to let her know period is a real complicated issue and different people will tell you different things.

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I must say, for a 14 year old, you have exceptional grammar, unlike many kids in their early teens.


Anywho.. I feel that this girl probably just wasn't expecting it, but that's not always bad. She could be smiling right now in her sleep, dreaming of you. It's too early to tell. Give her a few days man, no worries.


Here's the thing, if she says she's not interested... you're fine. Don't let it phase you, keep your head up, and smile.. this will show her confidence and can only help your chances in the long run.

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Here's the thing, if she says she's not interested... you're fine. Don't let it phase you, keep your head up, and smile.. this will show her confidence and can only help your chances in the long run.


Exactly. I won't let it get me down. There's no doubt we'll still be friends no matter what the result.

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I think she didn't know how to get out of the situation -- like didn't know what to say, personally I think she doesn't see you like that, only as friends. You might have weirded her out , I don't know I didn't hear her reaction. Well of course she was laughing and smiling (which I don't know how you can even tell if she's smiling over the phone), duh when a girl is told she is liked/wanted or is attractive, etc. she gets flattered.


You pretty much to be honest here have screwed things up in that way between you and her. But hey, if you get better at not doing something like that again, then later on you might have a chance . If you need advice you can PM me.



EDIT: Well actually to think about it (I didn't hear her reaction so this is hard for me to guess) she might be neutral in her feelings, next time you hang out with her WATCH if her behavior changes, watch for more touching while hanging out, just more flirting...tell us what happens.

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being a girl myself, i think i can see why she's acting like that..firstly, she's probably still having doubts about taking it with u as more than just mates..secondly, she might think that the friendship will be affected and if things dont work out.. it's gonna be hard on both sides.. so , you shouldn't worry about it..things will work out just fine have heaps of rest and impress her with the killer smile of yers cheers.

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